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    Some helpful Fastpass+ tips you might not know about

    If you are in MK and you use your 3 FP's and you want your 4th FP for Rock&Rollercoaster can you make your FP at the kios in MK or do you have to wait until you get into the Hollywood Studios to get it?
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    Late night hours need Mband?

    thanks for taking the time Rob. that was super helpful!
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    Late night hours need Mband?

    If I want to use a card during the day when it's hot (not wanting to wear the rubber band) but might wear the band at night when it's cooler and not have the hastle of having to pull a card out for every ride. Will Disney put your info on both your card and band? Thanks!
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    Late night hours need Mband?

    On magic hours late evening do they scan your band at each ride or do they just look to see if you have one? what if you just have a resort key? Im just not a bracelet or watch person and prefer using a card. they wil still give you that option right? besides I have collected all my old cards...
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    WDW will have a 4 year gap of nothing!

    Avatar is suppose to be coming late 2017 or early 2018. Knowing Disney it seems they like to take their time. So my money is on Spring of 2018. So from Spring 2014 - Spring 2018 is where I get 4 yrs. So here is my "Nothing" question - please prove me wrong! What attractions will open at any...
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    WDW will have a 4 year gap of nothing!

    I guess hakunamatata didn't read the thread? Already covered Disney Springs and the fact that Disney will even keep giving us new shops & eats in the parks every year - that is a given!
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    WDW will have a 4 year gap of nothing!

    Here is my post that would not be allowed to post on the official Disney blog under today's Avatar ground breaking announcement: "So Spring 2014 brings the kids Seven Dwarf coaster & new parade. Then three/four years later in late 2017 Avatar Land opens in AK. So my question and i think the...
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    Lord of the Rings and more coming to DHS?

    Last years Hobbit made over a billion. The following other movies did not even have the extra 3-D help most of the other billion dollar club had. Return of the King - 1,119,000,000 Two Towers - 926,000,000 Fellowship of the Ring - 873,000,000 Unlike Avatar LOR has a strong fan base that goes...
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    Will WDW ever build Big kid thrill rides?

    Go to Disney Paris - Space Mtn has a launch and goes upside down 4X. Plus they have Rockin Roller Coaster and an Indy Jones coaster that goes upside down - also a big Thunder Mtn that is like way faster and fun than ours in the states. Not sure why Paris with only 2 parks have so many thrill...
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    Al Lutz: "Management must stop bending over to pick up pennies as dollars fly over their heads"

    A great Avatar test was done back on Halloween - you can find Cars, Star Wars, Pirates, Avengers, Potter, costumes but none for Avatar. The same test can now be done at Christmas as well - going to the toy stores - no Avatar action figures, no Avatar Lego sets, no Avatar anything I can find at...
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    Disney announce an opening timeframe for Princess Fairytale Hall

    Lets say new Fantasyland/Storybook Circus is open by 2014. How does it compare to the not new version of Disneyland's Fantasyland & Toontown combo? Especially when it comes to darkrides or just rides in general? Disneyland = 8 darkrides: Snow White, Peter Pan, Small World, Alice in...
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    NYT: "Universal....Takes Aim at Disney"

    Same rides? Yes Universal does have Spiderman, Potter, & Transformers that have all taken the concept of a darkride to a whole new level. Disney this past decade has really been spending its resources perfecting the spinner rides. We've had the Astro Orbiter, the Dino spinner in AK, I think...
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    Possible new attraction for WDW

    Speaking of conspiracy - did this thread get removed or hidden by the powers to be? The Alice models are not locked away at Imagineering - no picture taking allowed but still I sort-of figure when they leave these things out - there wanting it to leak a little - maybe for a sample public reaction.
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    Possible new attraction for WDW

    You only got half the announcement! Yes WDW is getting an attraction based on the billion dollar mega hit Alice in Wonderland, but DCA is getting a "Mad Tea Party" to replace Electronica in summer of 2012 as well. I don't think the Alice attraction at WDW will be opening until 2014 and I say...
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    Any Truth To Renewal Of Scandanavia Pavillion plan??

    If Disney allows Lego to sponsor the redo then it will happen. Why allow lego? Well why allow lego at downtown disney? The other wild rumor that has been floating is that we could see an the ghost vikings they are putting into the Mystic Manor attraction for Hong Kong into the Maelstrom...
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    DHS and Narnia

    Got to remember just this past Christmas Narnia 3 was up against Tron and Narnia still ended up making more money at the end of it's worldwide run. Many tourist from Europe and Asia that travel to the World love Narnia and this is a big deal to them. I really wish Disney would do Narnia...
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    Project Z

    Just got announced that Jimmy Neutron is out after this summer. With a new ride coming most likely themed to Despicable Me. It also seems that Universal is bringing Kong back somewhere at the Studios. Universal Studios just opened that new music coaster so to bring balance to all the folks...
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    Project Z

    Pirate Mountain 2015. If I'm right would anyone want to bet and pay my way into the park on opening day? If I'm wrong I will pay your way into Universal at the opening of the new Wizardly World of Harry Potter expansion by 2015.
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