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  1. biggy H

    Monorail problems?

    Anybody know what was up with the Epcot and Express monorails today 15th July. Seems from at least 3pm when I arrived at Bay Lake Towers, probably earlier that they weren't running but the resort one was, still down at 10pm.
  2. biggy H

    Trouble booking ADR for Narcoosees after July 7th

    Has anybody else had trouble getting ADR's for Narcoosees after the 7th July? And has anybody any idea why its not available?
  3. biggy H

    Changes to dining plan for 2011

    According to some UK travel agents (Virgin Holidays being one) the dining plan for 2011 will be dropping the dessert as well now. Reports also suggest no refillable mugs either on the QSDP but you will get an extra snack. So far this affects QSDP, normal DDP and the Deluxe DDP (other plans not...
  4. biggy H

    Free Dining 2010

    I see on the UK Disney site that Disney is offering free ding during 1st August to 18th November 2010 if staying at a selected moderates and deluxe hotels. Looks like us Brits can get in first with this one. Seems a bit far out to offer free dining for next year. Counter service for moderates...
  5. biggy H

    Incredibles to replace COP?

    Has any one heard of this before? I had seen this mentioned on another site. Someone had seen some of the plans. http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/rumors-news/40413-bye-bye-carousel-hello-incredibles.html Couldn't see if has been posted before.
  6. biggy H

    Free dinning and free nights for UK visitors 2008

    There is posts going around on UK forums that certain Travel agents are offering free dinning and free nights for UK guests next year: Virgin Holidays are one company offering the deal, Travel city Direct are also reported to be offering it. No news if its a disney thing yet.
  7. biggy H

    Disney/Pixar opening in 2007 seen in advert

    I've just seen the advert for Disneyland Paris 15 year aniversary advert on TV here in the Uk and in the small print at the bottom of the screen it says Disney/Pixar opening in 2007. Anybody any info as to what what it is?
  8. biggy H

    Virgin Holidays No Longer Selling the Disney Dining Plan.

    I tried to book a holiday with Virgin on the dining plan only to be told that as od two weeks ago that they no longer offer it. The girl I spoke to didn't know why and thought that they would lose loads of sales. As Virgin Holidays try to be the biggest tour operator to WDW I can't seem to see...
  9. biggy H

    ADR 180 days in advance?

    I've seen on another site that WDW are changing thier policy, effective 28th october 2005, so that you can make ADR's 180 days in advance, also that they will publish operating hours 6 months in advance. Also from February 2006 anyone booking the breakfast at CRT and the princess story book at...
  10. biggy H

    New Disney park in Shanghai in 2012

    I've just seen on another site that the Hong Kong Times is reporting that a new park will open in Shanghai in 2012. Construction is due to start in 2008. Anybody else heard about this?
  11. biggy H

    MVMCP and MNSHP tickets on sale!

    I've got my tickets for the MVMCP in Dec. Also tickets for MNSHP is also sale. Tickets for Halloween going fast.
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