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    Opinions Needed

    So as some of you may have read, I am in the midst of planning a January 2022 trip for my wife and kids. My plan was to surprise her on Oct 1; our 10th anniversary as we originally wanted to go on our actual 10th; but Covid had other thoughts. But now she is having a hard time with the kids...
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    Favor from Anyone at or Going to CBR

    Hi Everyone, I need to ask a big favour to anyone who is at or will be going to CBR in the next few months. I need a photo taken of a hammock for me. You see, here is the back story. in 2015 we took a trip we titled as new beginnings. We had just moved to a new city and decided that we will go...
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    QS Pricing

    I was reviewing the menus for our upcoming trip and noticed some Interesting observations. If I look at CBR and their QS the entrees itself don’t appear overly expensive to me; in fact when you compare it to say McDonald’s or another QS the prices are reasonable. But it’s when you look at Soda...
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    Pre-Trip My Pilgrimage to Say Good Bye.

    Hi All, It's been a long time since I posted here, still follow, but wanted to share my trip experience with you all. Well for now, my pre-trip prep. Backstory - WDW has been a major part of our lives for a long time. Starting in 1992 & 1993 when I visited it for the 1st and 2nd time with my...
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    Family (Attendant) Bathrooms

    Hi Everyone, It has been a while! I am planning a trip for my family. My mom is now in a wheelchair and has difficulty in tight bathrooms. Having never looked for one, I could not tell you if they were there. So, are there family/attendant bathrooms available in the parks, if so, where would I...
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    Multiple Arrival Dates

    Good Evening, I am planning a trip for the end of October. Wed - Wed. 2 people are going for the week and I am planning on joining them on Friday and leave on Monday. I will be staying in the same room as them and hope to take advantage of the free dining offer. How can I accomplish this? I...
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    MCO Shops

    Hello Everyone, I am arriving on Saturday and need some help. Does anyone know if there is a shop that sells prepaid cellular phones at the airport? Since Virgin closed I am not sure of anywhere on property where I would be able to purchase a new phone or top up my existing. If someone is...
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    Disney Hold Music

    Hey Everyone, I am currently on hold waiting to make my ADR's for my upcoming trip and I just wanted to say that Disney Hold Music is the best. It really gets you into the mood when booking a disney trip! I wish all hold music was this good!
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    Pirate and Princess Party Costume Question

    Hi All,:wave: I am going to WDW in May and I have been informed of a Pirate and Princess Party. Now, my girlfriend and I are wondering about costumes for adults and the possibility of getting a princess dress at Disney. Are there locations that sell adult sized dresses? Sorry if this is...
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    Hello, I cannot seem to locate the information. But how far in advance can you book a reservation at a restaurant? Thanks for the help!
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    Illuminations of Earth

    I hae a question. On my last trip there was a place in France where people could sit, eat and watch the fireworks. I saw them setting it up and preparing the food while I was walking around. Is this something the general public can purchase because it would make the fireworks really special...
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    Surfing Lesson and TL

    I read somewhere that they offer surfing lessons at TL but I could not find any information on this during my last trip. Does anyone know the cost and how to sign up for the lesson. My girlfriend loves to surf and this would be a great surprise for her.
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    Trip Planning Help!

    Hey Guys, Been on these boards for a long time, but have not posted much. Well here we go: I am planning a graduation celebration trip for my family and girl friend next April and am having trouble deciding on a few factors: 1. Due to parental concerns we need separate sleeping quarters for...
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    Question: Please Advise

    Hello All, What is everyone's opinion in regards to the Annual Pass: It is quite vague on the disney site as to the other discounts you receive at Downtown Disney and Animal Kingdom and I beleive Epcot. Could someone please advise. Also, from my calculation, if I go at least 11 times, the pass...
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