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    Magic Kingdom...not so magical.

    Spontaneity was what made Disney magical years ago. Sometimes we would get to the bus stop and say the next bus to arrive is the park we go to....no longer can those days be had without pain of no Fast Passes preplanned 2 months in advance. Even some the A/B ticket attractions have become a...
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    Glidden's Colortopia opening in Epcot's Innoventions later this year

    Are those intentionally supposed to look like a Tardis center console?
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    Disneyland vs. Disney World- name things you like better about each park`

    WDW Haunted Mansion over DL for sure but DL Haunted Mansion holiday overlay over WDW Haunted Mansion. We aren't fans of the nightmare before christmas and were amazed at it overlay Plus the tiki rooms are so different j/k but the pre-shows are different and also Disneyland you can get a dole...
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    AFI Museum after Backlot being Frozen-ized.

    Disney is trying to make up for how they dropped the ball on merchandise last year and the beginning of this year. As for the park related items it's basically just like when stitch was at the height of his popularity. The Monorail audio loop was changed over adding stitch with stitch saying...
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    Olaf meet 'n greet at MVMCP

    Just think that queue set up has been in Disneyland for a while now. And at DCA they put olaf as the host of the winter world of color show last year. Also had a leg it go number in it. Then think about how the first couple of shows shown was before frozen even came out in the theater
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    New Anna/Elsa standby procedure?

    I agree with the addressing the demand/capacity but I think the overall problem at WDW is there isn't enough to do in these parks. Out in California Soarin and TSMM peak around 45 minutes all day (unless exceptionally busy days), even their newest E-ticket Radiator Springs Racers typically...
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    Ticket Price Increase - Feb 2014

    We have seen a parent take there kid and tell to pee in the bushes. Right by the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (Spiral Location), we were just in shock then mom said to us this is why boys are a lot easier to deal with then girls. So the prices have not effected the clientele. This was just...
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    Mine Ride Construction Update

    my question is why isn't there a dancing turtle next to him?
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    Crowds during "Jersey" week???

    The RunDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon will be at the end of the week so crowds will pick up for that around Thursday the 6th/Friday the 7th. The weekend fo the 8th and 9th will be busy because of the run and Veterans Day - otherwise your mid week should look good.
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    Tables in Wonderland Changes with Additional Block-out Dates

    These additional cuts are starting to get really irritating. We just got home from a trip to DL and our Premier Passes gave us an automatic 15% discount on counter service and table service locations. I'm all for WDW being different and even charging for the TIW card but it's hard to justify...
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    Cronuts come to Epcot

    DH and I split a couple of these this week - we found them very yummy. Nice addition over there.
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    The Truth about the Osborne Lights

    What we found interesting this past weekend (probably really overthinking this) is that the "Presented by Sylvania" signage is no longer there and that the canopy already had several strands that weren't working properly (all white - no color changing) on opening night. Opening night should be...
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    Jungle Cruise to get holiday overlay

    I'll take what we can get - with no Country Bear Jamboree Christmas show for all these years, I'm happy to see them step it up somewhere else.
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    Studio Backlot Tour to close for a near two month refurbishment in early 2014

    I agree with the sentiment that this could close permantently and not reopen. One can only hope that they are gonna do something back there...now's the time to start breaking ground on an expansion and they can close it and start ripping it apart.
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    9/27/13 Contemporary Monorail Problem

    The walk to the mk from the contemporary is shorter than what I walk in the hallways at kidani. One of the best perks of the contemporary is the ability to walk to the mk.
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    Ariel's new look!

    Old one = nice New one = 80s prom dress
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    Has anybody done the Keys To The Kingdom tour (possible spoilers)

    DH and I took this tour last November. It was excellent. As for rides we went on Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion. Lunch at Columbia Harbor House was very good. When we went to the Parade storage area - saw Spectro floats in storage. Very sad that they are gone...
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    Full menus for the 2013 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Marketplace Kiosks now available

    Sad to see that Japan didn't bring back the new item from last year (Sukiyaki Beef Pan)
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    Main Street Bakery to Serve Starbucks Coffee

    Thanks for all the details emich88 - I'm looking forward to photos when everyone has a chance to get in there. Quick question (may have come up already but I didn't get through 80 pages) - is the old bakery apple turnover on the menu? It's always been a favorite for my family :-) Thanks!
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    Magic Kingdom to open for 24 hours on Memorial Day Weekend to kick off a Monstrous Summer

    There now using the contemporary as a TTC bus drop off that way people can walk over to mk (person walking told me they dropped them off there instead of the ttc). Loads of people getting dropped off from Epcot there just walked by a steady line of people from the crosswalk to the main lobby...
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