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  1. Rsj88

    January or February

    We usually do Disney in November but this year we are going to wait until January or February. I was considering the week of January 12th but after reading other threads about lingering crowds from the Marathon and then MLK weekend I’m looking at alternatives. I was wondering if the week of Jan...
  2. Rsj88

    Do you like to book fast passes on the website or the app?

    We are booking our fast passes in the morning. I have always used the app on my phone to book but I was wondering if it is easier or quicker to do it on the website.
  3. Rsj88

    Are all Fries at Disney World fried in soybean oil?

    I am supposed to be avoiding soy. I have been looking at the allergy menus I could find and it looks like all the quick service places say to avoid fries :( I would love some advice from anyone with a soy allergy on yummy soy free options or maybe things to avoid. Thanks!!!
  4. Rsj88

    How bad are the crowds after New Years?

    We are not able to travel during our usual time in November this year so I was thinking of trying the beginning of January. We use to go with pretty low crowds right after New Years but that was a long time ago. What should I expect the 2nd through like the 8th in terms of crowds? Most of the...
  5. Rsj88

    FoP Fast Pass wait time

    I am trying to plan our ADR with our fast pass time. We have to do a rider switch. So I was wondering about how long it takes to get through fast pass line to see if DH and I both had time to ride it. Thanks!
  6. Rsj88

    Rivers of Light FastPass

    Unfortunately I was unable to get the RoL dining reservation. I did, however, get a FastPass for it. I really don't want to have to use a FP for RoL. Is it still necessary to get a FP for it or will I be able to see it in a standby line? Thanks!
  7. Rsj88

    AK hours Nov. 16th

    I was checking hours for AK on Nov. 16th (our day for Ak) and it looks like it closes at 7:00. It is the only day in November that closes early than 8:00. I was curious if knows why that one day closes an hour early. Thanks!
  8. Rsj88

    Chef Mickey's Brunch or Dinner?

    I am trying to finalize our dinner plans for our upcoming trip. We have done Chef Mickey's for breakfast but we have never done a later meal. This year we are going to either do an early lunch or an early dinner. Just wondering if the food or experience was better for brunch or dinner. Thanks!
  9. Rsj88

    Fast pass question

    We are staying on site and checking in on November 26 but won't be going to the parks until the 27th. Can I book fast passes 60 days from check in or would it be 60 days from our first day in the park? I am assuming it's check in but I wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  10. Rsj88

    One more Table Service

    We are traveling to Disney in Nov/Dec and are on the dining plan. I will be with my husband, 7 year old and 18 month old sons. It has been a long time since we have done table service meals so I am looking for advice. I have 6 table service meals planned but I need one more. I am looking for...
  11. Rsj88

    November Trip

    I am trying to plan a trip for this November. We usually go the week before the week of Thanksgiving. This year that would be November 12-18. I just realized that Veterans Day is Friday the 11th. I was wondering how big an impact the holiday will have on crowd levels. I have checked several...
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