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    Park Hopping and Reservations

    Does anyone know what the policy is if you make a dinner reservation in a park you plan to 'hop' to but at 2pm that park is full? Do you have to pay the reservation guarantee or what? We stay at the Beach Club and like to have dinner in Epcot but obviously plan to visit other parks - getting...
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    DVC Annual dues

    After not being able to use DVC membership for 4 months - 1/3 of the year - the Annual Dues have increased by 9%. S Disney policy is curtail usage, raise dues. Disgusting increase.
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    Moonlight Magic at HS

    I had called, emailed and connected to chat and in all places was told registration for the September event would start today - July 15th at 9am E.T. Logged on and saw no way to register so I called. After 30 minutes I was told the event was 'postponed'. Again Disney seems to have no concern...
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    Bus wait time

    I should like to hear from hotel guests about the bus wait times they are experiencing. Previously the buses were packed to accomodate as many guests as possible. How many guests can now be accommodated on a bus? How long does that make the wait?
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    Virtual Queue for Star Wars Land.

    Just some information about this from a cast member this morning. You will not know your two hours window for visiting the new Land until it starts thus precluding Park Hopping. For example you arrive at H.S. and apply to get a window to visit Start Wars Land. Until the window starts you won't...
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    Toy Story Land

    Unbelievable that there is no shade in Toy Story Land. Only covered areas are the restrooms. We spent from 4th September to 13th September at Disney and this part of the park was the worst with heat indexes over 100 degrees. We live in Florida so we were not surprised at the temperature at this...
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