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  1. MagicRat

    Vero Beach Joe Jr.

    Hello all! I want to bring my portable Kamado Joe Jr and bbq in the lot by the tennis courts. Has anyone ever done this or used a tiny weber kettle? Have a Disney day!
  2. MagicRat

    So Has Anyone Read the New Disney Files?

    We just got the new DVC magazine, Disney Files, the magazine likes to show how members make their homes Disney style. This quarter there was a showcase of a member’s pool. It was beautiful and it was all about Splash Mountain. My question is if Disney was going to castaway Splash because of...
  3. MagicRat

    Tower of Terror

    Wow, I don’t complain but when did Tower of Terror become a car crash simulator? I was here in March and it was smooth as it always was. The first drop today was a 7 foot smash and the rest wasn’t much better. Hope what they are doing is fixing it.
  4. MagicRat

    Best Disney Spot to Get Over a Hangover

    Mine’s the Mickey Pretzel and luke warm cheese at the cart outside of The Land at Epcot and a Bud Light.
  5. MagicRat

    Drunkest Day at Disney

    How hammered have you been at Disney? I mean we have heard worst day, bad guests, bad cm’s Let’s round out the equation.
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