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  1. sabbyxxo

    Top 10 Things to Love about Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I did the CP program! You're gonna LOVE it, and never want to leave. <3 Best of luck!
  2. sabbyxxo

    Tips for booking for the first time with young children?

    Resorts: I suggest the Art of Animation, Pop Century, or any of the All Stars because 1, they're the cheapest (YAY), and two, it's all kids based. The entirety of the resorts strictly remain focused around the colorful, playful appeal for kids. Literally, if you want to have your kids in awe, go...
  3. sabbyxxo

    Top 10 Things to Love about Disney's Hollywood Studios

    WHAT. NO. CAN'T be true. :( That's like, the show most people come for on the Holidays!!!!
  4. sabbyxxo

    Top 10 Things to Love about Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I was in the college program from Sept 2011-Jan 2012 at the Star Tours Ride, and I have to say, you never get sick of Hollywood Studios. Literally, never would have chosen another park or attraction to work at! 1. Eating at the Brown Derby and feeling like a stahhh! 2. Eating (anywhere) and at...
  5. sabbyxxo

    Akreshus I don't get it question

    See. I just go up for 6ths, that way I don't have to eat later on in the park, because their salmon is legit to DIE FOR! It would be smart to eventually have Elsa and Anna hanging out in the front to take a picture with before eating. Belle is French anyways. She should be walking around with...
  6. sabbyxxo

    Is the clock ticking on the Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon at the Studios? YES!

    Ya take away that stupid pin shop underneath. The hat blocked the theater which should be showcased as if you're walking down like the red carpet while entering the park, I think. Aka, build a red cemented walk way, with handprints of past Hollywood stars / Disney characters, the heads that are...
  7. sabbyxxo

    I'm surprised you only get to see four princesses.

    Agreed! Character dining for the win. Eventually when the lines die down, or I get to the head of the line super early, then I'll meet Elsa, Anna, & other new characters around the parks.
  8. sabbyxxo

    Cosmic Ray's outdoor patio to be enclosed with work starting this week

    But .. why? It's best to have both worlds, and you have a better view outside/cleaner air with the option of outdoor seating! I know my family, like many others, love to be outside because they always feel trapped inside all the time. This wasn't really the best idea.
  9. sabbyxxo

    Festival of Fantasy Parade coming to Magic Kingdom in 2014

    Oh. So they're going to stick to the original? Good to know! Phew
  10. sabbyxxo

    Tornado Watch issued for the theme park areas until late tonight

    Every time I come to Disney, one or both are closed for weather purposes or there's a malfunction. They should really work on keeping it safe for everyone by closing the parks for a long time to spend good quality time on them. Personally, I go into the water parks, but for the Blizzard/Typhoon...
  11. sabbyxxo

    Frozen ride replacing Maelstrom?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. NO NO NO NO NO! That is a CLASSIC ride and Magic Kingdom should keep the update on new princess movie rides!!!!! NOT MAELSTROM </3
  12. sabbyxxo

    Never Again!. Nope I Mean It.

    The beach club is the only other resort my family loves because of it's location, atmosphere, location, etc, but other than that, the character/kid resorts are where we love! Pop century, and now art of animation have the coolest people! You have an atmosphere where it's all big colorful...
  13. sabbyxxo

    Anna and Elsa - Just Plain Ridiculous.

    O Oh, the lines are insane! But it's good for the kids who must see the princesses, and great for us who want to get on more rides! Less of a line! Plus, the line has to die down in a couple years. Or just show up wayyy early :P
  14. sabbyxxo

    what's wrong with Epcot

    See, I love how they just have the simple old school feel at the front half of the park, which keeps it super 80s (ironic huh? "Futuristic" huh?) and keep the COUNTRIES more of the focus. I think it's more of a park where it doesn't need to be touched because it's not all about the characters...
  15. sabbyxxo

    Festival of Fantasy Parade coming to Magic Kingdom in 2014

    I'd think they'd have to combine the old holiday parade and the fof. I mean, it wouldn't make sense to just change the music / add Xmas decorations to the new floats, cause where would they add every other character? Shall be interesting. Good question! Haha - Santa sitting on top of Maleficent...
  16. sabbyxxo

    New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    This sounds incredible! As for the safari, will they have to bring more animals into the park? I mean, they can't have the daytime safari animals go 24/7. -- Must be an obvious answer. This is gonna be SICK!
  17. sabbyxxo

    New enhancements to Donald Duck meet and greet at Animal Kingdom

    The paint thing I don't get. Maybe cause Donald's being 'cwazy' and painting a dino? LOL-still confused. He's so cute though!
  18. sabbyxxo

    Seven Dwarves Mine Train the longest Disney attraction ever created and constructed.

    Of course there will be... but not for this one!! I'm just super psyched.
  19. sabbyxxo

    Moana Mickey’s Arcade now closed at Disney's Polynesian Resort

    Of course! I would love if they had windows at least so it's like light and airy, you know? More bright for the kids. <3
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