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  1. longsaber

    CEO Quits Trumps Panel, Backlash for Disney Too?

    Iger is not a Trump supporter.
  2. longsaber

    Why do people like meet and greets?

    Do you guys frequent meet and greets? What is the appeal to wait in such long lines to get a photo with a character? Just noticed they have gotten much more popular over the years and I don't understand why.
  3. longsaber

    Downtown Disney Food Truck Rally June 21

    Papusas from Myan Grill are excellent.
  4. longsaber

    Ratatouille in Epcot

    Yes I will enjoy my macaroni and cheese and Ratatouille ride. True French culture AT ITS FINEST. I seens it on the T.V. so I knows its good. France is far to different for my taste, a little too "controversial" with all that smoking and eating snails. I hate these pavilions that attempt to...
  5. longsaber

    Nine Dragons??

    This "Chinese Restaurant" is passable. It's comparable to a mediocre Chinese takeout place you'd find in a strip mall somewhere, just with better presentation.
  6. longsaber

    Carousel of Progress audio issues

    I recall about a year ago John would turn his head and by doing so the skin around his neck would become detached, to the point where you could actually see wires and metal components underneath.
  7. longsaber

    Worst Attraction at WDW

    Stitch's Great Escape Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor Seas with Nemo All teacup/dumbo type rides Tomorrowland Speedway
  8. longsaber

    Top 3 Epcot Quick Service

    Tangerine Cafe Katsura Grill Kringla Bakeri og Kafe
  9. longsaber

    PHOTOS - Starbucks Marketplace concept art and construction pictures

    Fits in with the surroundings great. Are all these new Starbucks locations basically Disney owned franchises or is there some sort of profit sharing?
  10. longsaber

    Are We Ready For The Football, Part I

    Mods are sleeping lets talk football.
  11. longsaber

    Carousel of Progress Minor Refurb in 2014

    Hopefully John's head can be re-attached to his torso.
  12. longsaber

    How do you increase distance????

    I own a treadmill desk.
  13. longsaber

    If you could have a new restaurant...

    A Brazilian churrascaria in a new Brazilian Pavilion in World Showcase.
  14. longsaber

    How do you increase distance????

    I've always added a quarter mile to my run every week. Takes a while but I've been injury free for 5+ years of daily running.
  15. longsaber

    Favorite DTD Restaurant?

    Bongo's counter service cubans are pretty awesome. Empanadas are also pretty good.
  16. longsaber

    Lesser Known Treasures of Disney Dining

    The Kakigōri at the Japan Pavilion in World Showcase is awesome. Nobody ever seems to be in line even on hot summer days. Recommended: melon topped with sweet condensed milk.
  17. longsaber

    New Marvel/Disney announcement at D23

    "Museum of the Weird" was the original concept for "The Haunted Mansion".
  18. longsaber

    Universal to get $500 million

    Land is the one thing that UO needs if it wants to be a very serious competitor. Comcast is really hurting for money right now and the parks are one of the best performing sectors of their company, so naturally they are going to put more money into them versus Disney, who is raking in cash from...
  19. longsaber

    New Boats on Pirates

    The Disney Dining Plan sure has taken a toll.
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