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  1. MattFrees71

    Disney Looks to Relocate Its Theme-Park Magic Makers to Florida

    Company wants to send many of its famed Imagineers to a campus in Orlando, where about $570 million in tax incentives await https://www.wsj.com/articles/disney-looks-to-relocate-its-theme-park-magic-makers-to-florida-11627048801
  2. MattFrees71

    Severe Thunderstorms Strike Disney World

    This thread can also be used for discussion of previous/future storm experiences that affect WDW. Big line of storms plowed into WDW a couple hours ago. Sure enough, I've been seeing some mention of it on social media including this incredible video just posted.
  3. MattFrees71

    What Ride Would You Want to See Put in the Old Snow White's Scary Adventures Building?

    Hello, I was very disappointed not only for Disney getting rid of Snow White's Scary Adventures, but the fact that they didn't even replace it with another ride. It was like pouring salt on the wound when they put in that meet and greet. Still, if Disney ever decided to change their mind, I...
  4. MattFrees71

    Aggressive/Nasty Security Member Encounter

    I was partly inspired to share this experience I had almost exactly a year ago (March 2018) after reading some other posts about rude cast members or other interactions (especially the Flower and Garden Festival 2004 incident thread). I mean, it was a year ago and I know it might be redundant to...
  5. MattFrees71


    Hi all! Just joined the thread. Been going to Disney since I was 5. I've always adored the storytelling, theming and quality of the rides/attractions in the parks. They have been significant in shaping my tastes, visions, and future creative endeavors. I like discussing original/defunct...
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