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  1. hardcard

    4th of July Fireworks from Ft Wilderness Beach

    Show went off about 3 minutes early tonight, not sure what that was about.. They didn't pump the music onto the beach either, which I thought was pretty bizzare.. Anyway, here's a few pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29417352@N08/sets/72157620969971468/
  2. hardcard

    Celebrate America...4th of July Fireworks (4/3/09)

    Just went out with the family... We were able to sit at the hub south of Partners, after getting there and staking a claim at about 7:30.. show looked AWESOME! pics: http://forums.wdwears.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=15&#post15
  3. hardcard

    What is this economic down turn you speak of?

    Apparently the universal and seaworld fans have heard about the down turn, but not the disney ones.. MK was a NIGHTMARE tonight.... Crowds were heavier this evening then they were on July 4th last year.... EASILY.. walking out of the park this evening my daughter said 'Dad, I can't turn my...
  4. hardcard

    Where theres Smoke..... Theres fire?

    Just a viewpoint here on the variety of threads on the board lately.. Regarding recently 'leaks', 'rumors' and 'news' about MK's (wdw) future ... Obviously it's exciting to here of a suit talking about it.. There are blog rumors abound, which is great, because it's been quiet for a LONG time...
  5. hardcard

    Express Monorail Problems..

    Not sure if ANY of this info has been posted, but with all the recent lightning storms we've had in Central Florida, the express beam was struck by lightning a few nights ago.. The lightning struck the stantion plate on the beam where it 'switches' with the epcot line.. The concrete on the...
  6. hardcard

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale at MK today..

    Bumped into them a few times.. Other No doubt members were with them, including Guitar player Tom Dumont... Looked like a nice family day at the park. This is a picture of them leaving Goofy's Barnstormer with their VIP guide... Sorry for the distance.. Unfortunately we didn't have the...
  7. hardcard

    Holiday Services Status?

    Anyone know whats up with the Holiday Services building near central shops? Noticed when we drove by it 2 days ago that the signage identifying the building as 'holiday services' is now removed from the building.. The christmas tree frame that was outside is gone (it';s been gone for a few weeks...
  8. hardcard

    Space Mountain Heading to the Scrap Heap :)

    Just FYI, passed by SM twice in the past few days, and there is a TON of scaffolding behind the show building, as well as a scrap metal trailer bin with metal poking out of the top... in other words.. it looks like the refurb is moving full speed ahead.. Additionally, there are wooden...
  9. hardcard

    Mr Blue Bird Lives..

    Just though I'd let everyone know after nearly 2 months of downtime, MR Blue Bird at the end of Splash has been repaired.. he was moving and singing like new today! On another note, the hopping Brer Rabbit effect has died again :)..
  10. hardcard

    Old Pleasure Island Club A/V Equipment

    Just thought I'd let everyone know.. For the clubs that HAVE been gutted.. Disney just donated a truck load of lighting (stage/strobe, etc) and audio/video equipment to the winter garden theater.. Just saw it all with my own eyes today, and all of it is tagged with 'Resort Entertainment'...
  11. hardcard

    Parks still heavy

    No phased closing yesterday to my knowledge, but MK was still heavy.. Main Street had no spots available for the 9pm spectro at 7:30pm last night.. Space Mountain was a 130 Minute wait at about 8... and to add insult to injury, it went 101 about 20 minutes later.... So, on my final 2 laps on TTA...
  12. hardcard


  13. hardcard

    Disney Bus Involed in Fatal Crash This Evening

    http://www.clickorlando.com/news/19100970/detail.html Apparently it WAS a Disney World operated bus..... I had my doubts about that, but it seems to be confirmed.. It was NOT, however, the bus drivers fault... read the story for details... Apparently she lost control of her...
  14. hardcard

    Stitch Stage Show Update (4/1/09)

    Went out to MK for my birthday today... Got my free 75 bucks, and rode a few things with the family.. The stage set up for stitch is coming along well... Today (after the rains) there were work crewes installing the large video display (LED) screen on the rear of the stage.... looked like pretty...
  15. hardcard

    Dinosaur quietly losing sponsorship? (No surprise really)

    I was at AK today and noticed that all of the signage for dinosaur, including the 'pillars' at the main institute entrance, the attraction signage, and the 'posters' have all had the McDonalds logo and sponsorship removed completely.. Additionally, the ride speil did not say "Made possible by a...
  16. hardcard

    Friar's Nook, Tropical Refreshments? Nope!

    Friars Nook is a giant disappointment... There is nothing 'tropical' about Hotdogs and French fries, and thats what they serve... Carrot Cake for desert rounds-out the disappointment factor.. Oh well..
  17. hardcard

    SSE Finale Finishing Touches Updates?

    Any news on the forecasted 'reveal' of the polished finale on SSE? I know Lee had mentioned 3rd shift work and that it would be done in the next 6-8 weeks or so.. Anything new?
  18. hardcard

    Typhoon Lagoon Closure Extended?

    The 'park hours' link on DisneyWorld.com no longer has march (or april or may or june, for that matter) operating hours for Typhoon Lagoon.. has the refurb period been extended for the park? http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/typhoon-lagoon/
  19. hardcard

    DHS not alone for much longer?

    Am I the only one that sees the writing on the wall? DHS is a great new name change for the park-formerly-known-as-MGM Studios.. but what about DCA? I believe, with the entire 're-theme of each land' in dca, and the additional of 'movie' based attractions, including Little Mermaid, TSMM, etc...
  20. hardcard

    Twister closing...

    WESH is reporting that Twister will be closing on Monday and going to a seasonal operation.. http://www.wesh.com/entertainment/18686775/detail.html
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