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  1. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Horizons coming back?

    I'm confused by this image. But, I'm throwing it out there now. These all look like new and updated posters. Why would Horizons be randomly included in this current list? Including Coco in Mexico? And another being revealed Sunday?
  2. WeLComeHomE OKW

    New sign in Muppet Vision 3D Pre-Show

    Image by WeLComeHomE OKW posted Aug 3, 2015 at 9:47 AM Is this a hint from the imagineers that Muppet Vision 3D is getting replaced? This sign is new since I came in June.
  3. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Captain EO soft opening?

    Any chance Captain EO will do soft openings before July 2nd? I'll be there from the 11th-20th and I'm really hoping I'll get a chance to see it. -WH OKW
  4. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Japanese Fountain; This is something Disney Needs.

    http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/293638.html?playlist=featured Isn't it amazing? I would think Disney would be on top of something like this. This would look amazing in EPCOT. What do y'all think? -welcomehomeokw
  5. WeLComeHomE OKW

    October Madness

    Hey Y'all, With "The American Idol Experience" set to open in January, nothing else is really in the "official" pipeline for Disney World. The Monsters Inc Family Coaster that will be going in DHS is all but confirmed, with even a leaked video as proof that hit the "Hub". I was personally...
  6. WeLComeHomE OKW

    WDW RUMORS-a mini blue sky alert

    first off, if you want to skip my text, here is the link http://blueskydisney.blogspot.com/2008/04/worlds-fourth-kingdom-at-ten.html Honor Hunter, the writer/blogger who runs blueskydisney.blogspot.com, has updated us once again (its been around a year actually!). Here is the text that i...
  7. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Jim Hill strikes again PART II-Night Kingdom?

    So, I promised I would be writing again tonight if he actually followed up on his story. And, to my surprise, he did! And, oh boy, does he have a little juicy new rumor for us to chew on. Click here to read the entertaining story Now, since i don't want to respond to my own post, i will...
  8. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Jim Hill strikes again; AC leaving PI, finding better home

    Hey there folks, According to our best pal, Jim Hill, Pleasure Island is slowly dying. Every single part of it is gonna go with it. So, Adventurer's Club will eventually have to close its doors so that Dragon Diner by Lawry's can open up in its place and compete with TRex and Rainforest...
  9. WeLComeHomE OKW

    OKWupdate-pictures of mickey ave

    hey there folks. here are some pics of mickey ave--completely naked. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. The construction workers are also doing a lot behind the building, and in the building themselves. they are in there most days, working very hard, and building large steel...
  10. WeLComeHomE OKW

    7/22/07-WelcomeHomeOKW update. (a small one)

    Disney-MGM Studios -The facade of Toy Story Mania is moving along. There is now a steel extension on the facade in place for the future main sign of the attraction (think fantasyland signs). -The construction workers are hard at work during the day, working in the...
  11. WeLComeHomE OKW

    OKWUPDATE:07-08-2007=Last night of SSE+Wand EVER!!

    Hey Y'all, Garrett here. As promised, last night i went to Epcot to visit the current version of Spaceship Earth one more time (well...really three more times)... It was a pretty awesome night! I got there around 530 and snuck to the empty side of the parking lot... Im out of the car...
  12. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Rumor no more(well...kinda) WAND COMING DOWN!!

    Hey y'all, Im here in rainy disney world, using the $9.95 a day internet service. But, i have some very exciting news. As I left Magic Kingdom, Me and my folks decided to used the monorail service to head over to Epcot for some fine Mexican dining. We ended up getting to sit in the front...
  13. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Shake up in imagineering=alot of new rides?

    Straight from the sources (blue sky disney blog) mouth: "Much has happened since I posted out Anaheim report. The most important of course being the shake up at WDI. While this is a good thing, it also puts several projects into limbo. Most of these proposals are making it through the design...
  14. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Shanghai Park gets serious!

    Shanghai ready to build US$3.75b Disney theme park SHANGHAI : Shanghai has begun to prepare for a US$3.75 billion Disney theme park, an official said, signalling the city is confident it can win the central government's approval for the complex. "Everything is in the stages of early...
  15. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Pirates Breaks Record...actually SMASHES weekend record!

    Pirates made an estimated whopping 132 million dollars over the weekend, smashing Spidermans record of 114 million. I have no clue what will happen next for this film. Its already a smash hit. It is also the fastest movie to reach 100 million dollars ever. It only took 2 days to do so...
  16. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Sneak Peek of Pirates Update

    Check this out! But WARNING me maties, this movie has SPOILERS! http://movies.msn.com/movies/pirates_webcast Once on this page click "Watch a sneak peek of the new Pirates attraction". Make sure you're using internet explorer! :wave: :wave: Its so cool! :sohappy: :sohappy:
  17. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Big Huge Fireball in Epcot

    Tonight, I went to Late night Extra Magic Hours at Epcot and I was walking toward the world showcase when all of a sudden there was this huge fireball out of nowhere that went up into the sky. I thought it was in the world showcase by the topiaries for the F+G Festival. But my sister thought...
  18. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Spaceship Earth Rumors

    I went on Spaceship Earth today and noticed they are continuing the soft update of the ride. They had grey covers ontop of some of the seats inorder to repair speaker malfunctions. A CM anticipates (from what he has heard, so take it with a grain of salt) that Spaceship Earth will have a...
  19. WeLComeHomE OKW


    I am here right now in Disney World and would love to come say hello to all the CMs out there that are members on this site. I love sharin the disney love! so if all you CMs could say where u work, i will come visit!
  20. WeLComeHomE OKW

    Calling all Spaceship Earth CMs

    I have a rather large/odd favor to ask any of you. If any of you could send me a PM so i could give u the details. Thanks! P.S. it does not involved me breaking the record again. by the way, does my record still stand? Look down at my signature if you dont know what it is.
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