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    Photopass not working? MDE seems stubborn. Again.

    So fed up with MDE. :mad: I'm trying to add our photopass cards, but the website is trying to "collect our memories'' and has been doing so for way over 10 minutes :banghead: Please tell me that I will be able to try again later and those photopass codes won't be lost... Anyone else has had this...
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    Anita - 1900 Park Fare

    Thank you Anita for sending Pixie dust our way tonight. :inlove: Thanks to you my little girl (4, two cancers under her belt, on her Make A Wish trip) was able to take Cinderella's place and dance with the Prince! We'll never forget your kindness. Thanks to the Prince and Cinderella too!
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    Shamu's Happy Harbor / carousel question

    I am trying to plan a short trip to SeaWorld and I know the Happy Harbor will be a must-do for our 4 year old. But the website says you have to be 42" to ride the carousel - for me there is nothing that screams small kids more than a carousel, so this height requirement seems really weird to me...
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    Hogwarts express question

    Just wondering if it's kid friendly, and if it's possible to bring the stroller in it? Although we will focus on our little one, I'd really love to ride this train and get a little Harry Potter fun! (provided we get a park to park ticket, of course!)
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    Uni. with a 4 year old (first timers)

    Hi Long story, so I won't get into details... But I've just found out that we may spend one day at Universal Studios when we go to Orlando in 3 weeks. Except... this came as a surprise and I have no clue what could be interesting for our 4 year old daughter there. She is not familiar with most...
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    Best store for princess dresses? (in parks)

    I was wondering which stores were best to buy a Disney princess dress inside the WDW parks - I know there are wider choices in Downtown Disney but we probably won't have any time to go there so it has to be in the parks. Thank you in advance!
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    Why isn't there an actual Mickey ride?

    After all, he's the "big cheese", the symbol of Disney world. So, in your opinion, why isn't there a Mickey-themed ride (even if it's just a kiddie ride)? Maybe something a la Winnie the Pooh, but centered around Mickey and friends?
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    Pre-Trip When Brave princess + a wish + a country band = A trip to Disneyworld

    Please hear my tale... Once upon a time, there was a brave little princess who unfortunately was fighting an ugly villain named cancer. She loved Disney princesses and country music, and both helped her go through her ordeal. One day last April, she told her mama that she had a dream: meet her...
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    parking and park hopping question

    We are going to WDW next month and staying off property. We'll have park hopper tickets and a car, and I was wondering if we need to pay for each parking lot as we go from one park to the other, or not. Thanks in advance!
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    Trip Report The brave little princess "met" her Magic Kingdom! (completed)

    Hi everyone! Well, it's been over a month since we had our little trip to the World... better late than never! ;) The cast: me, Sudcaro, aka Mom. Hubby, aka Dad. And our sweet, now 4 year old sweetpea known as the Brave Little Princess (BLP) because she is a two time cancer survivor. When and...
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    Saint Patrick's day?

    I've just realized that we would be in WDW for St Patrick day, and I wonder if there is anything special going that day / week. We are not celebrating so we're not interested in said celebrations, but would rather not be at the "wrong place" at the "wrong time". ;)
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    Starbucks question

    Does anyone know if the Starbucks in MK accepts regular Starbucks gift cards? We've got several and wonder if we'll be able to use them in MK when we go. Thanks!
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    Disney junior meals?

    I can't seem to find which place hosts breakfast (and maybe other meals) with Disney junior characters. I'm sure I saw pictures in trip reports! Thank you.
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    Do you really need to wear the Magic band?

    Or can you keep it in your purse (or other) and only take it out when you need to use it? Without actually wearing it? Just wondering. I'm honestly not sure I will enjoy wearing a wristband all day. :cool:
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    Park tickets given at check-in / question

    Hi So yesterday we got some WDW mail - the baggage tags and booklet with vouchers. :) It specifies that our park tickets will be given to us at the resort during check-in (we purchased a package for resort + park tickets). Here is the thing: our plan is to get to the resort in the AM to leave...
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    What if we are slightly late for our FP+...

    I'm not talking an hour late of course, but, say, 10 minutes (because we were stuck at a restaurant or attraction, or on the road, or whatever). Will the CMs still let us use the FP line or is it cancelled immediately? Just wondering (we are not planning on being late of course, but life has its...
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    Pre-Trip The Magic Kingdom and the Brave Little Princess - Two pics Added!

    Hi! :) So excited to write my first pre-trip report! But first things first... the cast! - Me, aka Sudcaro: happy stay at home mom and Disney fan (especially the princesses - I guess I haven't really grown out of my princess phase!) :p - My husband, aka Hubby: bread winner, pushed into Disney...
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    Little girls in princess dresses

    I have seen lots of pictures of little girls wearing a princess (or fairy) costume in MK, and I know my daughter (almost 4 when we go) would love it. My question is: is it really practical? I'm having a hard time seeing her lasting the day in this kind of outfit, between waits in line, potty...
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    Length of rides/shows?

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere... I was just wondering if you knew a website/ blog / forum thread... in which the length of rides etc are listed - I'm talking duration, not feet and inches of course ;) As far as getting a little organized goes, it could help me to have a clue about...
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    FP question - what if we miss our time slot?

    Suppose that, for some reason, we get to the park late, or have a problem once there (always possible with a preschooler)... and we miss our first FP ride for the day, do we also lose the following two FPs or will it still be OK?
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