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  1. dolbyman

    Early Park Entry and Extra Hours

    Hi there My sister and I will do a trip on 17 + 18 August. For do you have to book something special to get this ?(besides staying in a disney hotel .. we're at one) When we were there for christmas we got our early passes on the lobby counter on the first day .. and on the second day...
  2. dolbyman

    Small HD Photo Collage clip

    Hi folks here is a small clip I made for christmas 2007 (as a surprise for my family , I edited my 2007 California trip photos into a collage with music) it's no masterpiece but here is the clip I made from our(my sister and me) 2 day Disneyland stay hope you enjoy link expired .. no...
  3. dolbyman

    sister is back with tons of media

    ok folks my sister just came back from tokyo .... watch this thread for upcomming media media will be available on: Disney-Central IRC DC-torrents.com Video: Tokyo Disneland: Robinson Treehouse Jungle Cruise released Pirates of the Carribean released Big Thunder Mountain released...
  4. dolbyman

    Video update by Martin

    Hi folks here are martins latest videos Listen to the Land - a 2nd tribute A 23min long feature about the entire attraction including facts and pictures of it's build phase and a full ride through video Mission to Mars WDW - a history A 22min long journey through the time of this...
  5. dolbyman

    World Youth Days 2005

    Hi folks .. just wonderd if any of your friends or folks are in germany right now for the World Youth Days in Cologne I just got into the subway this mornin and the whole tran was filled with americans .. (flags all over the place) :sohappy: all christian pilgrims of course .. was so...
  6. dolbyman

    Singing Busts

    Hey Folks .. when I rode the HM last month I noticed the following: the singin busts in the HM are using a DLP technology projector system which is very bad .. maybe you have noticed some rainbow effect when you approach the scene. This is because of the color wheel inside projector...
  7. dolbyman

    Back....with tons of media

    Hi Folks ... I'm back from my US trip . and I'm packed with over 12h's of Disney video and 10 h's of Disney Audio ... Most videos are filmed in 25p Widescreen and Dolby Headphone ... All audio is in Dolby Headphone stay tuned in this thread for a list of upcomming shows and rides...
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