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  1. ThemeParkJunkee

    Just saw "Tomorrowland Trailer" my impression

    Strangely, my opinion is the the Disney company is using park budgets to market this movie and they made the movie to avoid improving tomorrowland in the park. It needs transparency.
  2. ThemeParkJunkee

    Where to redeem PP+ voucher in DTD...old reports say Team Mickey

    I have a PP+ voucher purchased wayyyyy in advance of my trip. My first afternoon after landing in Orlando was going to be DTD where, the PP+ redemption was at or near Team Mickey. With Team Mickey closed, does anyone know where in DTD I can redeem my voucher so I don't have to waste time at...
  3. ThemeParkJunkee

    Disney Female Role Models

    There are a few Disney Princesses who inspire and support an independent girl/woman. I personally like Belle. However...think about the "Disneyfication" of female roll models and check out this...
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