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  1. Kiff

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    Short of divesting themselves of the marvel assets I don't see why Disney would hold off on cramming this into the park wherever it makes sense.... or doesn't make sense. An argument could be made that Marvel Studios is at a peak valuation and it may be a good time to shop the asset... but I...
  2. Kiff

    Adventureland Veranda - Skipper Canteen restaurant

    Let's hope they don't feel the need to dumb down the menu over time. If the food is good and there is even a fraction of the fun from the adventures club it will be a regular stop for me.
  3. Kiff

    Space Mountain Refurb?

    Ugh. That was the tipping point for me. I had hope for a better WDW until that decision. It still bothers me to this day and I haven't ridden SM since. The last time was just too painful.... emotionally and physically.
  4. Kiff

    A Spirited Perfect Ten

    I would agree its a good thing from a capacity standpoint but certainly not the best option. I would go so far and say its about the worst way to add capacity. Looks great on a spreadsheet though. As for the low cost, thats great and I could get behind it if it was paired with some new...
  5. Kiff

    Yeti Fixed? Anyone Going to AK?

    Very much doubt they would announce any kind of fix. That would require they publicly admit it hasn't been working.
  6. Kiff

    Splash Mountain falling apart (literally?)

    Is there any way i can like this 10 or 20 more times? I rode BTM and SM last night. Painful espically after seeing what they can do. HM was looking great as usual last night. Glad that splash got a proper refurb but get your butts over to BTM and get back to work.
  7. Kiff

    Spirited News & Observations II -- NGE/Baxter

    This would certainly be what I would hope would come out of nextgen. Unfortunately nothing Disney has done over the last 10 years leads me to believe this will be the case. Take restaurants for example. Since the introduction of the dinning plan the ability to get a table at any of the...
  8. Kiff

    Spaceship Earth Burning Rome Scene

    Woohoo... Never have I been so pleased about a smell... :)
  9. Kiff

    Small Operational Update - APs

    Wait... I made a trip all the way to the parks to get my AP before I checked in with an AP discount just on the off chance they actually asked to see it (which they didn't). Guess I could have just gotten it at the hotel. Oh well... 5 years ago now. Ancient history. :)
  10. Kiff

    Disney(World) vs. Disney(land)?

    Just want to add my 2 cents to the original info from this thread. I love the idea of something new coming to the world ('bout time) but the thought of RSR doesn't sit too well. If it is surrounded by the entire RS land then I suppose I would feel better, but it's been suggested in this thread...
  11. Kiff

    Disney(World) vs. Disney(land)?

    Sometimes... although I would say it's mostly :rolleyes: followed by :confused: and then straight to o_O
  12. Kiff

    Two coasts: One very different world

    I actually encountered this in May of 2010 (Despite the June name it can spread through May as well). I had 4 days lined up at DL and the rest of LA before we made the drive up to Yosemite. We only managed to get one good morning on our first day. It started raining in the afternoon and then...
  13. Kiff

    New modern day costumes coming to American Adventure?

    Modern day American costumes? Jcrew... or maybe a stained T-Shirt from Walt Disney World. :confused:
  14. Kiff

    Two coasts: One very different world

    Don't worry. We will have plenty of DVC additions at the world to keep us occupied. :rolleyes: ...oh wait I almost forgot about the FL "expansion". So easy to forget about that one.
  15. Kiff

    Two coasts: One very different world

    Yes, that would work quite nicely. We shall see.
  16. Kiff

    Two coasts: One very different world

    Avengers may be doing very well across the board but I think a Marvel park based on thrill rides may have a tough time appealing to young families (especially young females). Of course Disney would be well aware of this. Perhaps catering to a certain demographic may be a new strategy like...
  17. Kiff

    Two coasts: One very different world

    Saw that article as well. I love that DL is seeing some serious expansion. That said, I'm less sure a Marvel park is the right direction. It brings to mind the old Walt quote "You're dead if you aim only for kids". Seems like it may apply in the other direction as well....
  18. Kiff

    Two coasts: One very different world

    You would be surprised what steps large organizations/corporations will go to in an effort to control the social media message. Large portions of a companies marketing department will now be devoted to such tasks. In some cases a course on social media will be mandatory for all employees in an...
  19. Kiff

    Two coasts: One very different world

    I have meet people who have the same opinion. They thought DL was just ok. In my experience though these people were not really Disney fans as such. Just casual visitors who probably wouldn't have even noticed that PotC was about twice as long. :rolleyes: I would recommend you find out for...
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