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  1. Worldlover71

    OKW 2 Br or AoA lion king suite?

    At AoA, two adults would have to sleep on a fold out couch in the living room. I would definitely go with OKW if available and in your price range.
  2. Worldlover71

    transportation Question from the airport?

    Does anyone think it is possible that the reason Mears hasn't started booking their new service yet is that Disney may be negotiating with them to extend DME until the Brightline train service is ready in a few years? It's probably just wishful thinking but I do wonder.
  3. Worldlover71

    Ranking the Magic Kingdom Public Restrooms

    I won't even attempt to rank them, but I will say that I find myself using the one at the Crystal Palace a disproportionate amount of the time for some reason.
  4. Worldlover71

    1st Disney Trip July 2021, need some advice

    With many of the usual perks of staying on-site currently suspended, two of the main reasons people give for staying on-site are that they enjoy being inside the Disney Bubble and the proximity to the parks. The joy that some people feel being completely surrounded by Disney ("the Bubble") is...
  5. Worldlover71

    First time going to Disney World without staying on site (not my first visit to the World)

    There are no buses from DS to the parks because people would park there for free instead of paying the fee at the parks. Therefore, your options are 1. Hotel shuttle (included in your hotel stay) 2. Rideshare 3. Driving (you have to pay for parking at the parks and you are already paying a...
  6. Worldlover71

    Disney, DONT bring back 180-day-in-advance restaurant reservations.

    My, but this has become a spirited debate.! To clarify my position, I have been to WDW many, many times and I love to carefully plan my trips. I'm just not able to book anything until later than some folks. (I can't be the only one out there whose work/life prevents them from booking so far in...
  7. Worldlover71

    Disney, DONT bring back 180-day-in-advance restaurant reservations.

    Due to my job, I'm rarely able to plan my trips more than three months in advance. This puts me at a disadvantage when trying to book ADRs. I don't see why someone should get an advantage just because they can plan further in advance. A shorter booking window puts everyone on more equal footing.
  8. Worldlover71

    Any advice for staying off property and for making park reservations?

    Epcot, historically, is much busier on weekends during festivals, especially F&W. It isn't as crowded as Christmas week, but World Showcase can feel uncomfortable for some. It all depends on your tolerance for crowds. If there is still limited capacity in October, you should be fine.
  9. Worldlover71

    Those of you who bring breakfast from home to eat in the room...

    We bring fruit and cereal (with paper bowls) from home and buy milk at the gift shop. That's what we eat at home so it works for us on vacation as well. We do get Mickey waffles at least once per trip though!
  10. Worldlover71

    Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort In It's Original Iteration Before The Renovations That Took Place During the Mid-Late 2000's

    Located in Old Port Royale were the food court, the sit-down restaurant called Captain's Tavern (later called Shutters) and two shops called Calypso Straw Market and Calypso Trading Post.
  11. Worldlover71

    Luggage Help!

    Luggage is available in many shops on property. If you are staying on-site, it might be as close as your hotel gift shop. If they don't have it or if you are staying off-site, head to World of Disney at Disney Springs. It's going to be pricey, so it might be cheaper to get a rideshare to the...
  12. Worldlover71

    What's open at rope drop

    Most attractions are open at rope drop on most days with a few that traditionally have later openings, mostly shows like Country Bears and Hall of Presidents. When you arrive at the parks, get a guide map and a times guide which will tell you anything that has operating hours that differ from...
  13. Worldlover71

    Anyway to still use really old Tickets?

    The unused ticket book from 1974 would be of interest to many people as a collectible. You might get more than your expect on the resale market. From the WDW website: " Walt Disney World Resort continues to honor all unexpired theme park tickets with remaining admission days". However...
  14. Worldlover71

    Closing time

    I have not experienced this myself, but I have heard of occasions where they have stopped letting people get on line before closing time. This is rare and only when the line is exceptionally long. Perhaps someone who has experienced this can confirm? Or perhaps it is an urban myth?
  15. Worldlover71

    Family Suite @ AoA or 2 rooms at AS Movies?

    Six adults in either a suite or two rooms would be tight for me, but if I had to choose, I would go with AoA. The layout is a little more open. I hope you all really get along well!
  16. Worldlover71

    Poly old rooms better, or new rooms?

    I like the new room but the wall opposite the beds is too busy for my taste. It spoils the soothing feel that the rest of the room (and the old rooms) has.
  17. Worldlover71

    Reasons to ride the monorail

    I certainly don't need a reason to ride the monorail, but since you are looking for one, what about a little scavenger hunt? You could get off at each stop to do something like hunt for hidden Mickey's or get pressed pennies or get a picture of a cast member wearing the new aprons (with...
  18. Worldlover71

    What is the funniest WDW attraction?

    I voted for Jungle Cruise, though it totally depends on your skipper. With the wrong skipper it's a long, dull trip through that jungle!
  19. Worldlover71

    Describe your first trip to WDW. How old were you? What year was it?

    My first trip to WDW was in 1979 when I was 7. On that first trip, and for several years after, I though the MK was on an island because you had to take the monorail or ferry to get there. I really thought it was a magical place; it's own world. I wasn't until I was a little older and started...
  20. Worldlover71

    Golden era of World Showcase

    I would say 1988-1998. Norway opened in '88 and the original version of Illuminations (with some modifications) played through '98. The festivals began in '94 but they were still relatively small in scale compared to today when WS is packed on weekends. There were also fewer, if any, dessert...
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