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  1. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Better Late than Never! An April 2021 Trip Report!

    Day 2: Conquiring fears in Animal Kingdom! Today was animal kingdom day! We tried our best to get to the park for opening at 8am but ended up arriving around 8:30. By the time we arrived both flight of passage and safari had long lines. We decided to hop in line for Navi river journey which...
  2. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Better Late than Never! An April 2021 Trip Report!

    Continuing on with our drink around the world tour, next up was Italy! We split a cannoli and moscato both were a 9/10 Next on our list was America. Nothing here really excited us. Nate got a standard beer nothing to write home about. Onward to Japan! We spent a decent amount of time here...
  3. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Better Late than Never! An April 2021 Trip Report!

    Day 2: Drinking around the world I apologize in advance if I forget a name of a food or drink that we had.... We had heard from the lovely people on this site that a lot of the parks were opening before their scheduled park opening time. So we ate breakfast and got to the skyliner for 10am...
  4. WDW_Emily

    Trip Report Better Late than Never! An April 2021 Trip Report!

    Its a rainy day in Massachusetts so what better way to write up a trip report! The Basics: Who: Myself and the boyfriend When: April 15th-25th Things to note: This trip was planned for April 2020, then June 2020, then finally April 2021. After surviving living together through a pandemic and...
  5. WDW_Emily

    News Mickey and Friends cavalcade ending at EPCOT

    We actually liked the socially distant meets better than the cavalcades. We meet Anna, Stormtroopers, Chewy, Ray, and Stitch this way. Stitch was the best with three green circles people could stand on for pictures then be on their way. I loved it!
  6. WDW_Emily

    Self serve drink stations are back!

    Seems to be property wide! Drink stations are open at the parks today.
  7. WDW_Emily

    Self serve drink stations are back!

    Lol two separate drinks. It was challenging to get an iced coffee a couple times when only hot was available.
  8. WDW_Emily

    Are people finding difficult to get reservations that they want?

    Check the app frequently if you are having trouble! We came down with just a Topolinos ressie this past week. Since then we have been able to book online The Edison, Sanaa, and Beachea and Cream. We also could have gotten garden grill and le chefs de France last night. also note if the menu has...
  9. WDW_Emily

    Self serve drink stations are back!

    At dak lodge yes!
  10. WDW_Emily

    Self serve drink stations are back!

    Small news at animal kingdom lodge today. We were able to refill our own drinks at the Mara! Hello Iced coffee and lemonade and iced tea drink combos!
  11. WDW_Emily

    News People mover now reopened!

    Ride was running non stop (no guest on board) yesterday and the day before. Hopefully it opens soon!
  12. WDW_Emily

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    I'm going to check them out! I used to love Tim and Jenn Tracker but they are slowly moving off my must-watch list. I also really like Molly from All-Ears.
  13. WDW_Emily

    Animal Kingdom Lodge: Jambo House or Kidani Village

    First time saying a jambo house in April! We are a couple looking for a relaxing trip so went with the quieter option where we can be more secluded. Quick question for anyone who has stayed before: how far is the walk to kidani from jambo? Also would you recommend catching the bus at kidani...
  14. WDW_Emily

    Covid Vaccine Updates and General Discussion About Vaccines

    Got my first dose of Pfizer last week. Arm soreness and fatigue that lasted maybe 24 hours if that. The shot was a quick pinch less painful than a flu shot. Getting dose two on the 24th and then Disney World on April 15th! Even though we will still be wearing masks, its nice to know we will be...
  15. WDW_Emily

    Cheer Groups crowds?

    We check in to all-stars two days before the competition in mid-april🤦‍♀️. We are only staying there for a couple of days before going to DAK Lodge but we might switch to pop just to avoid the cheer crowds on the bus and practicing on the greens of the resort.
  16. WDW_Emily

    Resort Re-openings?

    Staying at all star movies mid April and so far looks good to go. There is a cheer competition advertising all stars as the hotel of choice for April so we might be switching over to pop century.
  17. WDW_Emily

    WDW in April or Early June?

    When exactly in April? I am also a teacher in Massachusetts and we have a week off from April 19th-23rd. That week tends to be busy. There are also two cheer competitions happening in April i believe one is the weekend before the 19th and the other is the weekend after. June is nice I've done...
  18. WDW_Emily

    Resort split stay

    PERFECT thank you both!
  19. WDW_Emily

    Resort split stay

    we are going to be staying at all stars and then switching over to dak lodge. Before covid, we usually dropped our bags off in the front of resort 1 went the the parks and when we returned they were at resort 2 at the front of the resort. I know magical express isn't doing luggage so I'm...
  20. WDW_Emily

    How realistic is it that these things come back by the first week of April?

    Going in April as well! Realistically I'm thinking a few more restaurants will be open. Other things not on your list I'm hoping for by the time we go: - ratatouille attraction - extended park hours into the night - night time entertainment, maybe not fireworks for a castle projection loop...
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