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  1. Kelsybelle

    Will I Really Wear Makeup?

    I love makeup! My moisturizer has spf in it, so during the day I start with that and then keep my makeup simple and quick so we can hit the ground running. But for the evening I like to step it up and add a little glam. :)
  2. Kelsybelle

    What's your tradition when you go to wdw

    We only have solid traditions that we uphold on our first 2 days. Arrival day we hang out at our resort, and shop at Down town Disney and get to bed early so we can be up early to make it to the Magic Kingdom for the opening. Other than that, we always do at least 2 character meals, dinner in...
  3. Kelsybelle

    Never Have I Ever....WDW edition

    I have never NOT cried leaving the Magic Kingdom on our last day there...
  4. Kelsybelle

    How long is the "just right" amount of time for a WDW visit for you?

    Our longest visit was 10 days. We typically stay for 8 days and by nighttime on day 6 I'm ready to sleep in my own bed! We are in the planning stages of our April 2015 trip and I'm leaning more towards 6 days :).
  5. Kelsybelle

    10 days of Magic, Mickey, and Memories

    Wow! I loved reading your trip report! I can't wait for my DD to get home from school so I can show her your pics! There are so many things about your trip I loved, I can't just comment on one!!! You two are absolutley adorable, and I just know all of your hopes and dreams will come true! xoxo
  6. Kelsybelle

    Are you sure were at a WDW resort.

    Exactly! My DH and I stayed at the GF on our honeymoon and honestly, I was kind of homesick for the Poly the entire time! I'm not sure I would stay there again only because we love the Poly soo much. It's definately somewhere I wouldn't stay with my 6 yr old DD, the vibe didn't say "kids" to...
  7. Kelsybelle

    "You stand at Spaceship Earth - I'll take your picture from Italy"

    I just wonder how many other people's pictures I'm in because sometimes it's too late to get out of the way. I do try to be careful though!
  8. Kelsybelle

    Checked in online but....

    My OCD would kick in big time too! How exciting that your trip is close! :)
  9. Kelsybelle

    Guilty Pleasures at WDW

    The obscene amount of money I spend on perfume in France and Norway in Epcot...
  10. Kelsybelle

    Staying at all resorts - which ones have you stayed at?

    We've stayed at; Polynesian 5x Grand Floridian 1x Animal Kingdom Lodge 1x Wilderness Lodge 1x Pop Century 1x POFQ 1x Listing the resorts brought back a flash of a memory for each of those trips, kinda fun!
  11. Kelsybelle

    Everyday Essentials

    Keys to the World gum..I don't stick it to anything I promise! sunblock Tums...the Disney diest kills me but I love every minute of it! small first aid kit small make up bag filled with essentials Hand sanitizing wipes camera I store everything very neatly in a lightweight backpack my Hubby...
  12. Kelsybelle

    Sorry Fellas this one is for the Ladies...

    Holy Cow! I've heard of using hemroid cream for puffiness under the eyes but never Monistat Chafing Powder gel to prime your skin. That's a great tip!
  13. Kelsybelle

    Sorry Fellas this one is for the Ladies...

    I'm going to look into the Bare Minerals. I haven't tried anything from that line yet and I'll have to check it out! Thank you!
  14. Kelsybelle

    Sorry Fellas this one is for the Ladies...

    Hey Ladies, I was wondering what types of sunscreen/make up you like to use while visiting the World during the hot and humid months. Today in New England is about as uncomfortable as it gets here, with high humidity, heat and the Florida type afternoon shower which has turned everything extra...
  15. Kelsybelle

    I've hit the wall where there is nothing left to do...

    Around this time I get the luggage out and start shopping! It's also a great time to buy your toiletries and get those tucked away in your suitcases. How exciting for you! :)
  16. Kelsybelle

    The Moment You Realize You're a Disney Pro

    Ha! So true, I really look at them for the pics now anyway! But I think you've achieved the Disney Pro title when you've converted a Disney hater into a Disney lover...not an easy thing to do but I've done it!
  17. Kelsybelle

    To ban or not to ban....

    I see all of your points and love your comments! Thank you for sharing some of your stories. We all have people we can travel well with and some we can't. I've had the extreme of just going with my Husband, when we were dating, to bringing 31 family and friends all staying at the Polynesian...
  18. Kelsybelle

    To ban or not to ban....

    Thank you everyone! You've made me feel better with some of your stories. Funny thing about my Husband....he didn't really want to invite them on that trip in the first place...I now know why. And he has no problem not including them on this next one, it was actually his suggestion. Although he...
  19. Kelsybelle

    To ban or not to ban....

    Do any of you have certain family members that you have banned from joining you on your trips to WDW? We are starting to plan our trip and I'm faced with just this. To ban or not to ban...and it's a pretty heavy, touchy subject because the people I'm banning are my IL's. But let me jump in...
  20. Kelsybelle

    To Croc, or not to Croc?

    I can't wear sneakers either. I switch off from Teva flip flops or Crocs and they are both comfy!
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