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  1. Kelsybelle

    Sorry Fellas this one is for the Ladies...

    Hey Ladies, I was wondering what types of sunscreen/make up you like to use while visiting the World during the hot and humid months. Today in New England is about as uncomfortable as it gets here, with high humidity, heat and the Florida type afternoon shower which has turned everything extra...
  2. Kelsybelle

    To ban or not to ban....

    Do any of you have certain family members that you have banned from joining you on your trips to WDW? We are starting to plan our trip and I'm faced with just this. To ban or not to ban...and it's a pretty heavy, touchy subject because the people I'm banning are my IL's. But let me jump in...
  3. Kelsybelle

    My client's fear of the bedspread...eek!

    While talking about WDW with a client yesterday, she was sharing with me her list of things that had to be done to her room prior to checking in. I was really surprised about the way she handles the resort bed. This particular woman requests that mousekeeping double sheet the bedspreads in...
  4. Kelsybelle

    Guys, I froze!!!

    I think I posted this in the right place, if not please feel free to move it.:) This is kind of long... Like many of you out there, my Husband and I love planning every detail of our vacations to WDW. It is part of the fun to be able to plan the months away and make our vacation as smooth and...
  5. Kelsybelle

    Afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian

    Has anyone done this? I would love to do this with my Mom on our next visit while my Husband has some Daddy time in the MK with our little girl. Just curious about it!
  6. Kelsybelle

    Do you have any quirky routines?

    I was thinking of our next trip back to WDW (with fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed will be May 09) and I was playing back in my mind all the things I have to get done before I go. Along with creating a detailed itinerary about our trip, reservations and such, I have to go tanning. I start...
  7. Kelsybelle

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm Kelsybelle and I too am in love with all things Disney! I have enjoyed reading (ahem...lurking) for sometime now and I have to say that the wdwmagic community is really informed and helpful and I'm happy to be a member!
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