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  1. photoginit

    WDW expands AP discount for MVMCP

    According to the Orlando Sentinel http://thedailydisney.com/blog/2009/12/more-passholder-discount-nights-at-mickeys-very-merry-christmas-party-events/ "Disney has expanded the list of discounted nights for annual passholders wishing to attend one of the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party...
  2. photoginit

    Well, one thing hasn't been cutback

    So with all the cutbacks happening lately there is one thing that wasn't cutback this year. Last weekend we went to DHS and saw the Osbourn Lights. I must say that they have added even more lights this year. It was really impressive. Even my lovely lady was really blown away considering last...
  3. photoginit

    How busy is Mother's Day weekend?

    I am sure this gets asked every year but we are taking my GF's sister and kids to WDW on Sunday and was wondering if Mother's Day is pretty busy?
  4. photoginit

    Will Aquatica finally turn Orlando into a three resort town ?

    Will Aquatica finally turn Orlando into a three resort town ? Eric M. Davis of Orlando Fun Tickets looks at the impact that this state-of-the-art water park could possibly have on Central Florida tourism. Will a SeaWorld Orlando vacation package soon be seen as the more...
  5. photoginit

    A PC Haunted Mansion ?! Now that's scary

    Jim Hill writes on his website: Jim Hill talks about the new script that the Imagineers have written for this attraction's Foyer area. Which is reportedly being added to the stateside versions of this classic attraction because a handful of guests complained about the macabre remarks that a few...
  6. photoginit

    MVMCP Dec. 21st close to selling out?

    Has anyone in the know heard if the last night of the MVMCP is close to selling out? I don't remember if the final party sold out last year. I am getting the tickets soon just hope it doesn't sell out. This was def. not my preferred date(esp. since there is no advance discount) but it was the...
  7. photoginit

    Shamu Christmas and Holiday Wishes have something in common

    Well, I was at SeaWorld last night to see the new Shamu Christmas:Miracles show and guess what music they begin the show with, Spirit of the Season. This is funny but not surprising since the song is apart of The Polar Express. It is just sorta funny that when Disney came up with their new...
  8. photoginit

    WDW Christmas commercial not at WDW

    Well, I was surprised to see the new snowman Christmas commercial recently and apparently at WDW we now have Indy and Haunted Mansion Holiday. Wow, when did they find the time to build these? Okay, enough sarcasm. This is a multi-billion dollar corporation and apparently they are too cheap to...
  9. photoginit

    Halloween Horror Nights 17 "Clowns of Death" video

    I have posted my Halloween Horror Nights 17 "Clowns of Death" video on youtube. It is a music video I have put together covering the event. Well, it is mostly alot of people getting scared. Here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cYakI3rIc8 Enjoy! In case you missed the video I...
  10. photoginit

    HHN 2007 Jack's Carnival of Carnage Show video

    Here is a link to a video of the entire Jack's Carnival of Carnage show. It is split into 2 parts. Warning, the show is def. a PG-13 affair. Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CoVJ2hxKTU Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEVfS_E46XQ Enjoy
  11. photoginit

    MNSSHP 10/14 Sold Out?

    I went to online to the Disney World site to see if I could get tickets for tomorrow nights party but when you go to the tickets page it is not listed at all. Has anyone heard if tomorrow night is sold out? That would seem really strange. Maybe it is a glitch.
  12. photoginit

    TTC signs finally fixed

    Yes, it is true. After like a decade, well it feels like a decade maybe someone else can tell us how long, the black strips are gone and brand new signs have appeared in the monorail station. So one of the most glaring examples of bad show has finally been taken care of. 1 down about...
  13. photoginit

    8/18/07-Pirates and Princess Party-a rrrrreview

    So last night myself and my girlfriend, who just went to WDW for the first time a little over a month ago, attended the Pirate and Princess Party at MK. I have been to the Halloween and Christmas parties so I was interested in how this would compare. Once you enter you get your wristband and off...
  14. photoginit

    Fourth of July Fireworks

    I know that MK does special fireworks for the 4th and the 3rd. On the 4th does Illuminations at Epcot have a special 4th of July tag after the regular show? And has anyone seen the Studios fireworks that they do on the 4th? Are they good or just ok?
  15. photoginit

    Jim Hill- latest about HP and Disney's possible response

    Why (For) Disney doesn't feel all that bad about missing out on the theme park rights to "Harry Potter" ? Jim Hill's back with even more answers to your Disney-related questions. This time around, Jim talks about why the Mouse was willing to abandon its negotiations with J.K. Rowling, what...
  16. photoginit

    A WDW/DL Christmas opinion

    Well, after all these years I finally got to experience WDW during the holiday season. I actually experienced DL during the holidays a few years ago. I hate to say it but MK can't even hold a candle to DL when it comes to Christmas. The biggest thing that bugs me is that you have to go to a...
  17. photoginit

    Is the DDP ruining Disney dining?

    I have a question for everyone. Do you think the Disney Dining Plan is ruining Disney dining esp. table service? I have noticed that menu's have shrunk or been dumbed down(ie getting rid of the more adventurous entree's. I have a friend who works at ESPN Club and has noticed this). I just wanted...
  18. photoginit

    Miceage 12/5 Kevin Yee:Declining by Degrees

    Miceage 12/5 Kevin Yee: Declining by Degrees http://www.miceage.com/kevinyee/ky120506a.htm I don't know if you have read Kevin's latest article but I think he really puts into words what is going wrong with WDW while also mentioning things they are doing right. I think that...
  19. photoginit

    Fantasmic Last Night

    So I went to the 8:30 show of Fantasmic last night. It is the first time I have been since the spring. During the Jafar/snake segment the snake did not move at all besides the head. Is this some new budget cut because it was totally lame. All Mickey did was kept running in circles as the snake...
  20. photoginit

    Raging Spirits coming to MK?

    According to this article at Jim Hill Media. http://jimhillmedia.com/blogs/jim_hill/archive/2006/11/02/6464.aspx I hope this isn't true. I haven't heard anyone say anything good about Raging Spirits or its Indiana Jones counterpart at DLP. I really think this would be a total flop. MK does...
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