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  1. burninup4nick

    Disney Channel Star Survival.

    Everyone starts with 10. :) Hurt Mitchel Musso Heal Nick Jonas Miley Cyrus-10 Emily Osment-10 Mitchel Musso-9 Joe Jonas-10 Nick Jonas-11 Kevin Jonas-10 Demi Lovato-10 Meaghan Martin-10 Alyson Stoner-10 Dylan Sprouse-10 Cole Sprouse-10 Brenda Song-10 Debbie Ryan-10 Ashley Tisdale-10 Zac...
  2. burninup4nick

    DC Games 2009!

    Hey everyone! sorry if this thread has already been posted. Does anyone know when the Disney Channel Games are happening this year? and are they going to be at wide world of sports??? Im guessing its going to be sometime in May like last year but I was just wondering! and also who's...
  3. burninup4nick

    Do you think Disney has changed?

    I love WDW alot and I dont want this to make people think I dont but Im just really curious if anyone else feels this way. On our recent trip in October we noticed alot of things in Disney were very poorly maintained. For one in the TSM line right before you bored there was a HUGE place...
  4. burninup4nick

    Does anyone.....???

    Does anyone know what happened in Downtown Disney this weekend? We returned to our room on I think Saturday afternoon and on the news there was something about a Mears bus driver being held at gunpoint and told to take the passenger to Downtown Disney immediatley....the driver did as she was...
  5. burninup4nick

    Just got back!

    Hey everyone... Just returned from WDW last night..... had a great trip! Just wanted to share some things I noticed while I was gone. Friday: We went on Star Tours and they had a Disney Dreams give away for an extra hour in DHS after it closed and they only gave it to 2,000 people...
  6. burninup4nick

    Fastpass for TSM?

    Hey everyone...Im not sure if this is in the right place so if it needs to be moved please do so. Ive been hearing a lot about wait times for TSM being around 70 minutes...all the time. I expected this because it is a new attraction. But Im curious how fast are fastpasses gone? The...
  7. burninup4nick

    Changes to Fantasmic?

    When I was about 5 or 6 (so 8 or 9 years ago) I saw Fantasmic for the first time and was HORRIFIED.... had nightmares for days and never wanted to see the show again. Then when I was 12 I decided I would give it a try again... The show I saw then seemed to be a MUCH much different Fantasmic...
  8. burninup4nick

    No more McDonalds???

    Im really sorry if this has already been posted. I heard a rumor from one of my friends that Disney was removing McDonald's from all of their parks...because they wanted to promote healthy eating in the parks. Then I read an article on the internet a few weeks later (i tried to find the...
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