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    DHS FastPass Tiers Have Changed along with FP+ for Smugglers Run

    Slinky and MFSR are Tier 1. Everything else is Tier 2. MFSR has FP beginning February 19. I assume Rise and MMRR will be Tier 1 when they start giving on FPs. No word on when that is.
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    Why is Festival of Fantasy parade at 5 p.m. on 4 April 2020?

    According to Disney's website, the parade starts at 5 p.m. instead of its usual 3 p.m. Any idea why?
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    New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL

    Media Relations just announced it to press taking tour of Studios. No other info yet.
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    Birds-eye image of what 'new Future World' looks like?

    I'm updating the Epcot chapter for the 2020 Unofficial Guide. Is there a good overhead map of what Future World is going to look like by 2021? I'm sure it's here somewhere, so anyone who can save me some time finding it will have my undying love and affection.
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    In what order does Disney try hotel discounts to increase occupancy?

    I found All-Star rooms on Priceline Express for $59/night this week ($76 with tax). It got me wondering about the order in which Disney tries discounting rooms to boost occupancy. For example, selling on Priceline probably isn't the first move Disney makes - they have to pay commission, for...
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    No FP at PhilharMagic, Laugh Floor on 11/1

    Is this a change to the FP lineup for the MK, or just some sort of glitch? Both attractions are open on 11/1 according to MDE. They're not able to be booked for FP though; they're displayed at the bottom of the page with the standard "distribution is done" message.
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    Seasonal Multi-Day Ticket Pricing Coming Soon

    Disney moved to seasonal pricing for one-day tickets in February 2016. Word on the street is that seasonal pricing will come to multi-day tickets by mid-October this year. (I've heard as early as mid-September.) My guesses: Each park will have its own "seasons". This will allow DHS to charge...
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    What's the D23 Epcot Announcement that will affect call centers?

    I'm told that CMs working the call centers are being pulled off, 100 at a time, to be told about an upcoming Epcot announcement at D23. It's probably not an attraction, because those take years to build, and people wouldn't be calling in now about it. My guess is that it's some short-term...
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    Any Resort CMs know LILO really well?

    I have a specific question about how to write a query. PM me if you do, please. Mods: I checked with @wdwmagic before posting this.
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    Has an Adventureland height balloon test happened?

    I thought it might have been today, but I couldn't make it over to the park.
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    Construction equipment at Fort Wilderness

    I'm told the bulldozing happening today near River Country is to fill in the pools and other locations of standing water. That is to eliminate potential breeding areas for mosquitos, and is a Zika prevention measure. Sadly, not River Country DVC.
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    Changes to WPFAM option coming?

    I'm told there may be changes soon to the Water Park Fun and More ticket option. Anyone else hearing this?
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    Building Map for SSR and OKW?

    I'm trying to figure out the room types which correspond to the room numbers at Saratoga and Old Key West. I know, for example, that one building at SSR's "The Springs" contains rooms 3101 through 3436. What I want to know is the kind of room - studio/1-BR/2-BR/Grand Villa/etc - that room 3101...
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    What happened to Space Mountain today?

    Anyone know what happened at Space Mountain today between noon and 2 pm? The wait and FASTPASS distribution times went up much faster than expected. It's possible there was a mechanical issue, so if anyone knows I'd appreciate a heads-up. Thanks! Len
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    What is "Mickey's Magical Party"?

    Anyone have any information about this?
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    Post your PIN code!

    Hey folks, I'm trying to keep track of the PIN code offers Disney's been sending out for the last couple of weeks. If you've got one recently, I'd appreciate it if you could please post the details here. Thanks! Len
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    "All-You-Can-Eat" offer?

    Rumor has it that WDW is test-marketing in the parks an "all you can eat" offer to folks walking around the MK. Anyone have more details on this?
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    Trip planning: What books, mags, websites, etc. do you read to get excited about WDW?

    Hey folks, A quick question here: what websites, books, magazines, DVDs, etc., do y'all use to get the family (including kids and spouses) excited while planning a trip to WDW? I'm compiling a list of recommendations for the next edition of the Guide. Thanks! Len
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    Low-flow shower heads at CSR: Spawn of Satan?

    Has anyone else noticed these new shower heads at Coronado Springs? The water stream coming out of them can't be more than 3 inches wide. You'd be better off spitting on each other to get clean! Len
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    Fire at DTD?

    One of our researchers sent a text message a few minutes ago saying he spotted thick black smoke and flames over near Cirque. Anyone know what's going on? Len
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