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  1. DisneyWorldGuru

    Accident at Disneyland

    Disney worker injured in 'magic carpet' fall 'Aladdin' closed Tuesday and part of Wednesday for Cal-OSHA investigation. By DANIELLE HERUBIN The Orange County Register ANAHEIM – A stage technician testing the magic-carpet special effects for the Disney show "Aladdin" fell about 42...
  2. DisneyWorldGuru

    Disney World on the Simpsons

    Hey everyone, this is my first time back in a while. I have been so busy with work. But I wanted to ask who saw the Simpsons tonight. They made fun of Epcot and Disney World. I hope someone tapes it so i can download it later. Maybe someone on the west coast will get it. It was funny especially...
  3. DisneyWorldGuru

    Theft at Walt Disney World

    Tons Of Fertilizer Missing From Disney Orange County Sheriff's Office Investigates Theft ORLANDO, Fla. -- Authorities in Orange County, Fla., are investigating the theft of about 6 tons of fertilizer from a Walt Disney World landscaping facility, according to Local 6 News. A Disney...
  4. DisneyWorldGuru

    Any other Brent's on the boards?

    I wanted to know if there are any other Brent's on the boards besides me and turkey leg boy? (and no Maria I dont have a problem with other people named Brent LOL)
  5. DisneyWorldGuru

    Macromedia Studio MX/ Fireworks MX/ Dreamwever MX/ Flash MX/ Freehand MX

    Well I got Macromedia Studio MX the other day and I have no clue what to do now. I tried flashkit.com but they dont have anything on Dreamwever. All I want to do is create one of those cool flash sites that has music, animations, and all of that fun stuff. Does anyone know where I can find a...
  6. DisneyWorldGuru

    New Disney Channel

    Has anyone noticed the new Disney Channel format?
  7. DisneyWorldGuru

    Blizzard Beach

    Does anyone have the Blizzard Beach logo that has the B and the snowflake behind it? Also, is there a Blizzard Beach font I can download?
  8. DisneyWorldGuru

    Greetings from Disney World

    Hello everyone. I am here in Disney Quest spending my time between rides to say hello. I am having a great time and I wish all of you were here to enjoy it with me. I have been to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney, and many other places. I think I rode Tyler's bus the other...
  9. DisneyWorldGuru

    Transportation from WDW to Universal and Question

    What is the best way to get to USF from WDW without a car or rental car? I wont have a rental and dont want to pay for one. Is there a bus to take? If so what bus? Is Hitchcock and Hanna Barberra still open? When do they close? It has been a long time since I was on the Nick studios tour...
  10. DisneyWorldGuru

    HELP: Which room at WL

    what floor, area, and side of the Wilderness Lodge should I ask for. I am going to be staying for 9 days and I have a courtyard view. What rooms can I view the fireworks/water padgent/magic kingdom from? HELP!!!! (room numbers would be a big help!)
  11. DisneyWorldGuru

    Non-Disney Movie Trivia

    Hello, Welcome to the Movie Trivia Contest. Rules: 1.) Post trivia questions on any movie {(that is rated R and under) sorry but this is a Disney site :lol: } 2.) One question at a time. ****I will get us started.**** In the film Back to the Future, what is the name of the comic...
  12. DisneyWorldGuru

    Free Airfare with Spirit Air

    Spirit Air is offering free airfare on 9/11. You have to buy your ticket by 9/8 to get it for free. For more information visit Spirit Air's web site at www.spiritair.com
  13. DisneyWorldGuru

    The mornings are better at Disney World.

    Have you ever noticed that the mornings at Disney World are a lot better then mornings at home. I mean I wake up at 6am here in NJ and it is very monotonous, yet I wake up at 6am at WDW and there is a special feeling in the air. Maybe it is because you are excited to be at WDW, but the mornings...
  14. DisneyWorldGuru

    Disney Transport

    I got a new photo editing program and wanted to try it out. So I had the idea to make a few things with Disney transport. So here is the first creation. I am just starting out with Graphic arts (trying to teach myself) so tell me what you think. Post your own Disney Transport photo creations...
  15. DisneyWorldGuru

    I need some help!

    How do I add this picture to my sig.? I remember seeing some people with a picture in their sig. but I cant figure out how to add this. Help!!!
  16. DisneyWorldGuru

    Wilderness Lodge Help

    I have my room booked for WL. I got a courtyard view room. I have never stayed at WL before and I need help. What floor and side of building should I request? What rooms have the best view? Thanks -Brent "DisneyWorldGuru"
  17. DisneyWorldGuru

    This Sucks!!! (rides closed during my visit)

    I am going to WDW on Aug. 25-Sept. 2 and I just found out that Malestrom will be closed until Oct. 19, there will be no parades or fireworks until Aug. 29, and COP will close on July, 29 until around the holidays, and Timekeeper will do the same. This stinks! 3 of my fav. attractions will be...
  18. DisneyWorldGuru

    Haunted Mansion or Stage Crew Job with WDWCP

    I am thiking of joining the WDWCP next year and wanted to know: how hard is it to get a job working in the haunted mansion? ...Or... Can I get a job on their Tech. Crew working lighting, flys, sound, etc...?
  19. DisneyWorldGuru

    Canada Music Group

    Does anyone know if the musical group that plays in front of Canada (in Epcot) will be there in Aug/Sept.?
  20. DisneyWorldGuru

    Rose and Crown Pub

    I always go to the Rose and Crown Pub when I go to Epcot. They have the best fish and chips I have ever had (even better then when I was in England). I have always forgot to make a PS for the last seating so I could stay to see Illuminations (best view in the park is the Rose and Crown). Well I...
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