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  1. hardcard

    TTA Update

    Here's another video of it I took last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03YQV735Sxo Also, when I first arrived in Tommorland, the lights were not simply 'cycling' they were changing to the beat of the music in tomorroland... Seems likea cool new effect!
  2. hardcard

    The Sum of All Thrills by Raytheon coming soon to Innoventions East

    For my vote, then can rip the FP machines off Pan and use those :) It doesn't nothing but disrupt the line on Pan.....Sorry.. a bit off topic.. -------------------------------------- Imagine that, you don't need a signature to have a signature. Still better than you.
  3. hardcard

    The Sum of All Thrills by Raytheon coming soon to Innoventions East

    Rockit has to be open reliably first.. It wasn't open at all yesterday from what I understand ... "Now Open" my butt..
  4. hardcard

    Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit?

    Because it's 4 months late and Uni rushed the 'opening' statement on the ride? in all seriosuness, I have no idea.. but they had maint. on all the brake runs yesterday, not just the one closest to CW
  5. hardcard

    2010: Year of the Muppets?

    Just thinking.... might be a little much to ask my kids to sit through 2 3d movies back to back.. dunno, it may be fine.. but these aren't short iflms..
  6. hardcard

    Magic Kingdom was a wreck last week

    I have been to MK at least once a week for the past year or so.. I can tell you for sure.. The overall 'upkeep' is vastly improving.. FWIW, the screens over the Hall of Champions, and the other buildings on main will be down soon.. they are nearing completion on the rebuild.. yes, you heard...
  7. hardcard

    Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit?

    Open my butt... Waited till 12:30 today, and it was still closed.. not good.. sorry, say what you will, but Uni screwed the pooch with this one
  8. hardcard

    Four Seasons Luxury Resort begins vertical construction

    they've been doing this for about a month now actually.. the perimeter wall has been constructed as well
  9. hardcard

    strong tropical storm

    we are getting absolutely zero weather in central florida from Claudette. don't expect any either.
  10. hardcard

    Live EPCOT Center updates - Friday, August 14th, 2009

    the new park maps have been out for about a week now.. I think thats the same shot they used when mission space opened.
  11. hardcard

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority reopening date pushed back a week to Sep 1

    I don't care what he said... Did anyone else drive by the mountain today and see a giant mountain of twisted steel laying in the scrap metal dumpster? I've been past SM countless times in the past 2-3 months and see PILES and PILES of sheetrock going into the building.. Will it look...
  12. hardcard

    American Idol Experience goes Down Today

    show has really wained in viewership lately.. the other day, tower had a 70 min wait, rNR have a 120, Mania was 130... Idol was a 'walk in' ... probably 60 people lined-up for the finale show..... It's not going to last long, and disney knows it.. Thats why they didn't spend as much on the...
  13. hardcard

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority reopening date pushed back a week to Sep 1

    don't need to justify myself to you.. but I will say that DOZENS of workers have been pouring in and out of space mountain by the literal bus-load for the past 4 months... I haven't seen the inside first hand, but what do you think the guys are doing in there? Playing Poker? Ladder races...
  14. hardcard

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority reopening date pushed back a week to Sep 1

    all *LOT* has taken place inside the mountain.. regardless of TTA's schedule
  15. hardcard

    Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit?

    Yes, this artwork is in place..
  16. hardcard

    Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit?

    the 'logo art' tower along the side of the lift has been erected.. it looks like the 'filmstrip' part of this graphic, only vertical... it's huge..
  17. hardcard

    Performer dies days after fall

    Thats like saying you didn't die because of a train wreck, you died because you bled to death when they were trying to patch you up.. He died because of the accident...
  18. hardcard

    New Monorail To Be Pearl?

    All information points at both trains returning to service, with Pink remaining Pink and Purple taking on Pearl (or the color that is decided on).. Thats it..
  19. hardcard

    New CoP Seats and Mysterious Tomorrowland Wall

    it's for the removal of the skyway building and modfications to the area in front of Space Mountain.. the wall extends past SM's entrance to the left side of Tomorrowland Power and Light...
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