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  1. DisneyAubs

    Tink Met the Mouse! 3 times!

    Hello WDWMagic friends! Well, I've officially been back from WDW for a week now. I even ate the last of my rice krispie treat today, so I guess it is time to start my trip report! btw: our travel dates were June 8-15 :) If you missed my pre-trip report you can find it here for a basic run...
  2. DisneyAubs

    Tink Meets the Mouse--a pretrip report

    Hi all! I just made my final payment today for our June 8-15, 2013 trip and have decided it is officially time to start my pretrip report! Woot!!! Perhaps you've seen me popping in and out of the other forums on here. I don't get a chance to come on every day, but I do what I can! So here's...
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