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    Adult Family 2019 WDW Trip

    We have gone as a group of 7 adults (parents and adult children) and would definitely recommend the off-site houses/villas..so much space for such a good price! The other benefit is you can self cater which makes things more flexible..you don't always need to meet up and organise lunches and...
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    Your Best, Cheap Hotel off site to save money!

    Another thing to consider might be renting a villa, especially if you would be renting more than one room in a hotel or are staying a week +. You'd be surprised what you can get for the same price as a hotel, although you would most likely need to rent a car (although that comes with its own...
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    Booking a first visit from the UK!

    I think the articles I saw were just pointing out that you should consider realistically how much you think you will eat and the value compared to what you save by making use of room discounts, in many cases it is possible to get greater value by taking a room discount instead. As I said, I...
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    Booking a first visit from the UK!

    That is pretty much what we do and it has always worked for us! We've never waited more than 40 minutes in a queue (even that was a bit of a one off) because when you have two weeks, if a queue is big you can just come back another time/day, or know to get a fastpass if it's a queue that doesn't...
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    Booking a first visit from the UK!

    Not so much a tip but a huge perk of coming in from the UK (and so spending a couple weeks instead of days there) is that you have time to do a lot without rushing, your plan can be much looser, if you have one at all, and you don't need to make rope drop to fit things in (albeit you may want to...
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    Park Strategies

    We come in at lunch time (either eat at home first or when we get into the parks) with fast passes booked for the 1-3pm slots, where possible, as this is a busy period-otherwise we stick to whatever queues are smallest. That way we are either in a fastpass/shorter queue or having lunch when we...
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    How do you spend each day? Do more vs Do less.

    We usually go as a family of either 5 or 7 adults (19+) so we like a long morning in the pool and tend to hit the parks around 12-1 after having lunch. Depending on how long the queues are we either roam around (because Disney is so pretty that it's an attraction in itself), hit smaller...
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    Viewing Illuminations without a fastpass?

    I second what others have said, you won't need a fastpass. Our favourite viewing spot is on the bridge out front in the Italy Pavilion, as it's elevated it doesn't matter that you're not right up at the front/short and we usually can turn up less than half an hour before and get a good spot there.
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    Turn that frown upside down!

    I did the same thing with my partners parents a year or so ago now. His mum was excited but the dad hates crowds, hates plans, hates being rushed, doesn't really care for disney and isn't into rides...so I feel your pain. He came back loving it and now wants to go back for his next big birthday...
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    Does Animal Kingdom Need More than 1 day?

    I would second what nickys said, it depends on what you count as 'doing' Animal Kingdom. I have not been since Pandora has opened or ever done a rope drop so I cannot speak for that, but I imagine you could probably check everything off of the list in a day if you wanted. For my family, AK is...
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    Advice for upcoming trip

    I know the feeling, we took my partner's parents for their first trip last year and we ended up constantly ahead of them as they had stopped to look at themeing, once we caught on we tried to slow it down and enjoy it as if we were first timers too. It can make it more fun, seeing their jaws...
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    Advice for upcoming trip

    One bit of advice I would give is to go slowly and give her time to take it all in; point out the little details, explore, take time to sit and just look around. I think once you've been so many times you adapt to the grandeur of the place but for first-timers there is just so much to take in...
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    Pandora vs. Harry Potter

    It was just our opinion. We were impressed by the queue but didn't feel the ride measured up. We liked bits of it and would rate it the best ride we went on in universal but ultimately even with a 20 minute wait we didn't want to go back on and haven't talked about it in the way we have other...
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    1 day, 1 park, no attractions, where would you go?

    Such a hard choice between Animal Kingdom and Epcot for me, I could happily spend whole days just walking around in either of them. Epcot won out purely on illuminations in the end.
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    Pandora vs. Harry Potter

    I always find it strange how differently my family felt about Potter world (and Universal as a whole actually) compared to the hype we heard about it. We went a few years ago, it was our first trip to Universal and we all left saying we wouldn't pay to go in again after about 4-5 hours. I don't...
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    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Sadly for many of us outside of London it felt like the London Olympics opening featured only the type of Britain that is found in London, aside if I remember correctly a bit about mining, which is a bit of a bitter subject still. The same with the pavillion, its based on the Britishness that...
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    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Depends what you mean by them wanting to focus on a non British IP, the UK includes Northern Ireland so that would fit into the UK pavillion, Ireland itself is part of the British isles but not great Britain or the UK. Either way, using Brave focuses on the collective Celtic culture of Wales...
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    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    I would love to see Brave or The Sword in the Stone in just so the pavillion takes on a little Celtic culture given that 3/4 countries making up the union were Celtic, either that or just make the pavillion England. It seems a much better fit than Alice in wonderland which takes place in a field...
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    Taking non Disney people to Disney?

    I'm assuming they haven't been to WDW before? I had a similar experience last year as we took my partner's parents to WDW, one of which I would say just about likes Disney, doesn't like crowds, or being around lots of children, or rides really so I was really nervous he would hate it. Now he...
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    Epcot Quick Service Suggestions

    Adding to the praise for Sunshine Seasons my family and partners family(a bunch of picky eaters) were all pleasantly surprised by it on our last trip. Usually we would only eat in the world showcase because the choice and settings are remarkable but we gave this place a shot and we loved it...
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