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  1. Suspirian

    Opening Ceremony Fashion show in Toontown

    Something pretty interesting that happened today **skip to 44:28** https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/whats-store-opening-ceremonys-mickey-mouse-inspired-disneyland-fashion-show-1092328
  2. Suspirian

    Small DLR changes/updates

    im making this thread for little changes in the park that are somewhat interesting but dont deserve there own thread. So post random crap here! Starting off with this https://twitter.com/ParksAndCons/status/736985242649534464 I don't understand why they're keeping this up? Seems kinda pointless
  3. Suspirian

    Mad T Party to close March 30

  4. Suspirian

    Tower of Terror getting the movie treatment...again

  5. Suspirian

    Ant Man preview in ITTBAB theater

    Imagine a Super Hero the size of an insect – the ultimate secret weapon. That’s Ant-Man, and heroes don’t get any bigger. Soon, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the next evolution of Super Hero when the Bug’s Life Theater at Disney California Adventure park hosts a sneak peek of the...
  6. Suspirian

    Disney buys Carousel Inn for 32 million

  7. Suspirian

    Funny parody Fantasyland expansion artcle

    http://www.coastineast.com/therollback/2014/02/04/walt-disney-world-fans-demand-more-princess/ Thought this was pretty funny
  8. Suspirian

    Infared filter question

    This is probably a dopey question...Can I use an infared pass filter on a sony handycam? Would I have to modify anything in the camera to be able to use the filter?
  9. Suspirian

    Measurement balloons and small platforms in DAK lagoon. Hint for possible nighttime show?

    I posted this picture in the avatar thread, but I wasn't sure if it was the right place for it. I was at DAK on Wednesday and I saw three red balloon that looked similar to hight balloons laying the the part of DAK's lagoon near EE. I also saw three small platforms covered with netting near the...
  10. Suspirian

    Seven Voyages of Sindbad area for DAK

    Now im not sure if this area should be part of a larger Beastly Kingdom-esque area or it's own mini land between Africa and Asia ( which is technically where the places he visits are) but i think that a Sindbad themed land would be pretty cool. The entrance would be similar to the signs in DAK...
  11. Suspirian

    Kevin animatronic exhibit possibly coming to DAK?

    Not sure if this has been mentioned on the site since I'm fairly new. I did a quick search and came up with nothing so I'm guessing it hasn't. According to this post, a pseudo animal exhibit featuring Kevin the Snipe from up may be coming to DAK. Of course, this is a blog post so take it as you...
  12. Suspirian

    Need help finding an image for a project

    Does anyone have or know where I can find a clearer version of the mural in the temple on EE? I'm planning to recreate it but I can't find a good image of it. Here's the closest I can get http://www.flickr.com/photos/sthomasphotos/3367345631/
  13. Suspirian

    Galapagos Bay, a new land for DAK

    I think a land themed to the Galapagos islands would be a perfect fit of Animal Kingdom. I've had this idea for a while, and I thought i would share it. The land would consist of 3 rides, 2 E-tickets and one small children's ride. The first attraction would be a fast paced roller coaster...
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