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  1. azox

    What is the plan for Innoventions East and West?

    With Innoventions East and West continuing to have their attractions shut down, does anyone have any rumors or know what Disney is planning to do with these large areas? Any chance we could be getting an attraction? or is this going to just be more festival space?
  2. azox

    Are there any rumors about Innoventions West?

    Does anyone have any rumors about what is going on in the innoventions west area? I was so shocked to see the whole area just blocked off. Does anyone have behind the wall photos?
  3. azox

    Luigi's Flying Tires being converted at DCA, what does this mean for DHS?

    I saw on another site today that Luigi's Flying tires is being shut down and converted into a new ride at DCA. The site said the conversion would be into a ride with a bunch of autonomous spinning cars that would drive around with near misses occurring using similar technology to the ride at...
  4. azox

    Magicbands not allowing for same day multipark entry with base tickets?

    I am not sure if this has been posted before, so I figured I would post. With our recent visit to Disney world some of my family stayed on property and received magic bands. They had purchased a 5 day park pass through their travel agent months before the trip, however they only ended up...
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