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  1. Deano77

    Wine and Dine After Party 2018

    We are considering going to the Wine and Dine after party this year. Does anyone know if the food offerings are different for the party vs normal Park day? Also if they will be doing meet and greets again this year? Thank you!
  2. Deano77

    DW at Dino Days?

    Wanted to bring this up and see what everyone else has heard about Darkwing Duck appearing at Donald’s Dino Days (if anything). It seems possible with other characters who do not appear much like Launchpad and Scrooge, however, only hearing rumors and not seeing anything official makes me wonder.
  3. Deano77

    Earth Day Meets?

    Has anyone heard of any special meets on Earth Day this year? With it being the 20th Anniversary and the special theme till May, I was curious of any rumblings. Jiminy Cricket or others?
  4. Deano77

    Characters who make appearances on special days

    I am not sure if this has been posted but we are planning on heading to Walt Disney World on April 22nd this year in hopes of meeting Jiminy Cricket. Recently we saw posts that Clopin showed up on January 6th this year for Topsy Turvy day. Are there any other days or times of the year special...
  5. Deano77

    Moonlight Magic Feb 6th

    Is anyone going to the Feb 6th Moonlight Magic that would welcome a family of 3 with their extra tickets? My wife and daughter would be beside themselves. Never hurts to ask, Please reach out to me if anyone would welcome our family of 3 into this magical event. Thank you :)
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