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  1. afb28

    Photographing Festival of Fantasy POV

    Taken from several others who do them for concerts, sports, and more but wanted to try it for the Parade.
  2. afb28

    Annual Pass Renewal With Magic Bands

    So my annual passes expired on the 12th and I renewed a few weeks ago. Never got the discount and parking card. So called today and they said I have to order new bands which will come with the new discount cards. Thought this was kind of a weird process since I a) already have a band and b)...
  3. afb28

    WDW Tripod Rules

    Not sure if warranted but figured we could use this if we have trouble getting in or got in just fine with tripods after these updated rules. I have a manfrotto 055xprob (about 30" with head) and I put it on a backpack that sits on the side and since the rule change it has made me nervous about...
  4. afb28

    Resort Pools and Magic Bands

    Being local to Orlando for pretty much my whole life, I've only ever stayed on property once and that was at Coronado a couple of years ago. Love that pool but was wondering as I went to Yachtsman recently and saw that they scan MagicBands to make sure you are a guest at that resort. I remember...
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