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  1. Runmyhorse

    Trip Report my first semi solo trip

    Ok so we had a 9 day trip planned,but I had decided not to take. My husband and I are on less then talking terms at the noment. My husband talked me into coming . Long story short he went his way here and I went to ours.:( Anyway on to the less depressing part.lol we are at magic kingdom now ...
  2. Runmyhorse

    Make your own Disney family

    Www .buildyourdisneyside.com You can build your own Disney family and supposedly they will send you a decal of your family for free in 4 to 6 weeks. I'm not sure. I made one so we will see if it comes in. I thought I'd share
  3. Runmyhorse

    Haunted mansion ornament

    I was wondering if anyone that's been to the disney ornament store can tell me if they have the haunted mansion ornament of the three hitch hiking ghost. I bought my husband one in sept and my niece broke ours. :( ×we will be going in Sept again. I just need to know if I can get it in the store...
  4. Runmyhorse

    art store in dtd

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the name of the art store in dtd was called? If you can order anything from that store on line? Im wanting to get my husband a christmas gift from the store. He loves the haunted mansion and is his favorite ride. Thank you
  5. Runmyhorse

    Starting our 13 hrs

    We have officially started our 13 hr drive home. DISNEY HERE WE COME. :)
  6. Runmyhorse

    whats your custome of choice

    So we have two MNSSHP planned on our upcoming trip and I was trying to come up with some ideas. It kindof got me curious as to what other will be going as. Im sorry if this has already been asked. :)
  7. Runmyhorse

    Pre-Trip 14 days and counting

    So excited. We have 14 days until we head out to wdw. First day is check in day and a beath day.We are doing one day at Typhoon LAGOON where I will also be doing the surfing that morning. Leaving there to dtd for trex supper. Then 3 days on property at uni. Our first time staying on property...
  8. Runmyhorse

    photopass plus

    Can anyone tell me if I can go online and order the pp+ and use the target gifts cards to pay for it? Does anyone have the website to order the pp+? Thank you so much
  9. Runmyhorse

    disney waterpark question

    I was curious if anyone could tell me if it cost extra for certain things in the water park? We are thinking of adding a water park day in sept to TL. I thought I saw where snorkeling was extra. Can anyone tell me if this is true and if there is a charge for anything else.
  10. Runmyhorse

    pirate league questions

    Can anyone tell me about how much this runs? I have a daughter and son who would like to do it when we go in sept. ? I'm sorry if this has already been asked. I searched but it didnt bring anything up
  11. Runmyhorse

    Boomer looks like a caceled trip for us

    I hate to say this, but it looks like we might have to cancel our trip in October. :( we have waited for the free dining to be released and I really believe it's a no go this year. I have heard to give it a little longer to see, but by now I feel it would have been released. Yes we c an not...
  12. Runmyhorse

    question. about free dining in 2013

    Has anyone heard if they will be offering free dining in oct.? We have a trip planned and almost paid for.eWell were just waiting on the deals to come out. If its not offered im afraid we might have to cancel or stay off site. Heck maybe we will just go to universal instead.lol thank you
  13. Runmyhorse

    Things that drive you crazy

    I have two things that drive me carzy every time I go to Disney. :confused: I was curious if they drive anyone else crazy or maybe something else. (I'm not sure if this had alrdy been discussed or not ,but here it is) 1.) It drives me crazy when people walk by snapping pictures of characters...
  14. Runmyhorse

    Do the waiters and waitress in Disney Dining split tips?

    I was just curious more then anything. I was wondering if you go to sit down dining on disney and you tip them do they pull all the tips and split at the end of the night or do they get to keep it themselves? I was doing the math on this trip we just got back and if what I figured was something...
  15. Runmyhorse

    How rude Inappropriate photo on photopass plus

    Ok so we just back from our trip from Disney World.This was our first time in purchasing the photopass plus. I always say I'm gonna buy the ride pictures, but end up never having the money. We had a pretty great time minus a few set backs. One of the major ones being that we went to AK on...
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