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  1. wardpr68

    Great Vlogs to follow on YouTube?

    Hello all, Hopefully, this is the right forum/section for this. I was looking for more channels/vlogs to follow on YouTube. The wife and I like to watch them while eating dinner or just relaxing at night. Currently, the only one I am subscribed to is "Living The Dream" and we quite like that...
  2. wardpr68

    Trip Report (UPDATED 03/17/14) First timer, First time runner, 2nd timer, and a seasoned vet. FROM CANADA!

    INTRO Hello everyone! I have read many trip reports on this forum and absolutely loved how how they brought back memories and allow me the opportunity to learn from other people's trips. I have grabbed many ideas of things to do on my trip from other's trip reports. Our trip took place Feb...
  3. wardpr68

    Need wdwmagic.com's votes for local contest!

    http://www.calgarysunpromo.com/lastshooter/challengers.aspx Hey everyone! I am currently nominated to compete in the Calgary Flames 'Last Shooter Standing' competition. At intermission two competitors shoot pucks from each faceoff dot at the empty net... the person with the most wins and moves...
  4. wardpr68

    Disney corporate social responsibility activity?

    Hey everyone, This is wierd... but for my Public Relations class at school we need to find an example of a company conducting corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity. Examples would be the NHL's hockey fights cancer, Frito Lay going green. Anything that gives a good public...
  5. wardpr68

    LIVE TRIP REPORT! August 20th to 27th!

    Hey all, So I thought I would fill everyone in on the happenings at the world while i am here since we have a laptop in our room. We arrived last night around 7... rocky landing due to the storms but not bad. Its raining lightly right now... probablly will be good for hitting the park since...
  6. wardpr68

    Is the forecast actually true?

    Hey everyone, heading down to the world August 20th so I have been watching the weather for about the last month just to see what we are in for. Almost every single day it says 30-34 degrees celsius and THUNDER SHOWERS. Have those thunder showers really been happening? any locals able to...
  7. wardpr68

    Friends want to get out of the parks for a few days... advice?

    Hey everyone, So I am heading to WDW august 20th - 29th. We are wanting to hit all 4 parks, at LEAST one waterpark and pleasure island one or two nights. It's me and six friends going down. A few of them have said that they don't want to be in the parks EVERY day and want to go "see the...
  8. wardpr68

    Bubble Tea anywhere on property?

    Hey everyone, So lately i have acquired a taste for bubble tea. I was wondering if anyone knew if they sold it anywhere ... maybe epcot? For those who don't know what it is... here is a wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubble_tea
  9. wardpr68

    Trip Packages in Canada?

    Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone from Canada knows of a good place to get a package for my next trip to the world (planning to go in early May) Last time I went i think i booked on itravel2000 and looking around yesterday it seemed travelocity was the cheapest this time. $1147...
  10. wardpr68

    Oct 17th- Oct 27th stayed on property

    Hey all, just got back from what was a very intense 10 days. We did 7 days at WDW and 2 at Universal. I am not going to do a super detailed report... but i will do what i remember. OK! We stayed at the Pop Century resort, in the 50's area, building 2. First off, If you can get any...
  11. wardpr68

    TNA Wrestling

    Hey i was gonna hit up TNA at universal. It says the doors open at 6 and bell is at 645. how early should i get there if i want to get decent seats? thanks!
  12. wardpr68


  13. wardpr68

    Leaving October 17th... need opinions and advice

    Hello everyone, so my mother surprised me with the best present i could ever dream of, a 10 day trip to disneyworld with her. The family has been going through some rough times and i think the trip will be better almost for her than me. But we do leave on Oct 17th.. MY BIRTHDAY! its gonna be...
  14. wardpr68

    how crowded will it be?!?!?!?

    hey everyone i am leaving for disneyworld tommorrow (sunday) morning and i was just wondering about how long lines will be. I am there dec 22nd-jan 3rd SO any ideas??? like how long the lines for tower or terror, splash mountatin and others would be.... ON THE AVERAGE.. i just want a...
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