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    Lion King and Jungle Festival (June 30th - September 22nd

    Today, Disneyland Paris launch its brand new season dedicated to Lion King and Jungle Book with 3 new amazing shows ! First, on Central Plaza Mickey & his friends discover the magic of India in Jungle Book Jive. A very fun show with great outfits, music and singing ! In Adventureland Timon...
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    Captain Marvel joins huge line-up of Marvel Season of Super-Heroes from March 23rd !

    Disneyland Paris officialy announced that Captain Marvel will make her first apparence in Walt Disney Studios Park as part of Season of the Super-Heroes (March 23rd - June 16th) She will join Thanos, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Doctor...
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    |Photo report| Halloween season return October 1st in Disneyland Park

    This year, the 25th anniversary officially over, Halloween makes its great return in Disneyland Paris ! This year Mickey's Halloween Celebration come back with a new song, a new Phantom Manor themed float and with show stop ! On the new float, Mickey will appear in 3 different costumes ! At...
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    Marvel Summer of Super Heroes

    This summer, Marvel Super Heroes are landing at Walt Disney Studios Park for the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes season at Disneyland Paris. Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and the Guardians of the Galaxy will all be there for another never-before-seen season, with multiple...
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    Princess and Pirates festival (March 31 - May 31)

    Another new season at Disneyland Paris ! Choose princess and you’ll be swept of on an enchantingly royal fairy tale with the likes of Cinderella, Moana and Belle. Choose pirate and you’ll set sail on a swashbuckling adventure with a crew of Disney Characters including Captain Hook, Peter Pan and...
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    Disneyland Paris : the grand celebration (April 12th 2017)

    Today is a big day for Disneyland Paris. 25 years ago, on April 12th 1992, EuroDisney hosted its first guests. And to celebrate this anniversary, Disneyland Paris took the high road ! A spectacular show with hundreds of Disney characters and dancers. You have to watch it, it's the biggest show...
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    A wonderful Swing into Spring

    This week, Swing Into Spring arrived in Disneyland Paris a month in advance ! It's going to be a great edition with a brand new show in Chapparal Theater and new décorations ! Indeed, this year's Easter egg inspired by Tokyo have been scattered throughout the lands Tinkerbell joins the Swing...
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    A day at Disneyland Paris (October 2015) : This is Halloween !

    Hi everyone ! Here's a new update about Disneyland Paris but first let's discover Halloween 2015 ! Mickey Halloween Harvest Celebration with some new costume : Vilains make a show before meet'n'greet ! Mickey and Minnie meet guest with new outfits !
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    A day at Disneyland Paris ( September 2015) !

    Hi everyone ! So much going on this fall at Disneyland Paris ! From the entrance, scaffoling are here ! Indeed Disneyland Railroad closed a week ago ! On town square, fresh paint for the railing ! Many building are recieving new colours ! In Discoveryland, the station has some...
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    A day at Disneyland Paris (18 july 2015)

    Frop today, i will weekly post news from Disneyland Paris ! Hope you will enjoy ! From 8.00 pm, Mickey and his friend meet you daily ! Space mountain and Nautilus reopens next week and they are almost ready ! last night : Pond were cleaned in Fantasyland ! Before : New...
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    Swing Into spring 2015

    Disneyland Paris is celebrating spring with 2 shows and one happening The main show is Goofy's Garden Party in Central Plaza : Goofy is the conductor of a wonderful garden with living topiaries and flowers At Castle Stage, Mary Poppins, Bert and many performers celebrate spring with Welcome...
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    Spider-mas photolocation in Walt Disney Studios Park [ from mid-March to mid-July]

    From mid-March, a photolocation Spiderman will be installed in the Walt Disney Studios, next to Blockbuster Café restaurant. This is a first for Disneyland Paris that accueile his first marvel super heros! Unfortunately it would only be temporary and disappear in mid-July.
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    Announcement of a large rehabilitation plan

    During an event, DLP announced the following rehabilitation: - Indiana Jones and the Temple of peril: The temple will be demolished and rebuilt, the loop will be replaced - Big Thunder Mountain is expected to undergo a major renovation in 2015 that could go up to drain the lake of Thunder Mesa...
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    Halloween Celebration of Mickey

    This years for Halloween, Disneyland Paris creates a new small parade ! Come concept art of 2 floats who will compose this parade : And music ( not very well quality, sorry ): http://radiodisneyclub.fr/CavalcadeHalloween.mp3 50 performers should be of party and others characters !
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    Disney Dreams celebrates Christmas !

    This years DLP put all on Christmas time ! In effect, a new show will replace Disney Dreams. It will be based on " Frozen" !
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    Chirstmas season

    For this christmas, many new things ! : - Dreams be replaced by a new show - New christmas tree - New christmas parade - Characters of Frozen will come on parade Do you planned a visit from 10th november to 6th january ?
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    Disneyland Paris or the most bad Disney's resort ?

    I'm French and i have an annual pass. I am sorry for european park. No new, parks and hotels are poorly maintained. Walt Disney Studios park is most bad Disney's park ... What do you think about DLP ? Is it really the most bad park Disney ?
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