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    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride (Part 2)

    We are inching closer to June, what is the over/under that this ride will be operational by the end of next month? Also, is there any chance they would open one part of the pavilion, (ie open the meet greet), with the other half of the pavilion (the ride) still being worked on or vice versa?
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    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride

    So do we have any confirmation that this attraction will open with the park at 9 am? We are going in June, and even though we are staying on-site, I don't think I'll have a prayer of getting a FP+ because I won't be able to book it on the day my FP+ window opens, and I am not going to spend all...
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    Disney Quest to close in July 2017

    Anyways... I really like the idea of DisneyQuest becoming a Broadway themed building. You know how in Vegas toy can see abbreviated versions of popular Broadway shows, well they could do the the same thing with the Disney shows. I bet it would be very popular. Since it would be an...
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    BBQ comes to Tortuga Tavern at the Magic Kingdom

    Is the BBQ going to be good, like at Flame Tree, or is it just going to be pre-made Lloyds BBQ, like they used to serve at Pecos Bills? I'll get excited about the former, and pass on the latter.
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    Train refurb in Germany?

    any word on when this will be done? I have a train obsessed 2 and 5 year old and the train exhibit is a highlight of the trip for them. We'll be there the 1st week of Aug and it would be so awesome to see the set fully running!
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    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    Is it wrong that I am positively gleeful that most of the comments on the Disney Parks Blog about Frozen Ever After are negative?
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    Carousel of Progress refurb?

    Honestly, I hope they don't do anything to the COP. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the last scene updated to the future, and then refurbed every 5 years or so to keep it current, but lets be honest, that would never happen. As it is now, I feel like COP is flying under the radar, and I'd...
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    PHOTOS - Disney reveals new lobby design and Trader Sam's lounge for the Polynesian

    For those of you who cleave to the "wait and see" approach- I waited, I saw, it stinks. Maybe I didn't wait long enough, perhaps I should wait all the way to the next refurb? :banghead:
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    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    Ooooh good call! I think you're right, having Elsa send you back over the falls is a little aggressive for a princess- we'll see Elsa off to the side "creating" marshmallow with her ice powers (aka fiber optics), and he'll be the one sending you backwards. My "predictions" are all tongue in...
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    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    So here is my take on what I think Frozenified Maelstrom is going to look like- you board boats that look suspiciously like viking ships (just cleaned up a little), in front of a newly painted frozen themed mural- then you go up a lift hill with a projected eye of papa rock troll giving you 2...
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    Frozen ride replacing Maelstrom?

    Why didn't they announce the "new" attraction on the Frozen special? If construction is starting in less than a month, why on earth would they not take advantage of a large prime time audience to make the announcement? I know Disney likes to do press releases, but wouldn't making the...
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    Iger Confirms Star Wars Domestic Parks Presence

    Do we know for sure that this means a significant presence in DHS? I'd hate to get my hopes up only to get a watered down version of the hyperspace hoopla nightly on the American Idol stage and then have all the cool stuff go overseas.
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    PHOTOS - Disney reveals new lobby design and Trader Sam's lounge for the Polynesian

    What really gets me is that the lobby decor appears that it will have the same "dated 70's era" look post-refurb as it does now. They don't drastically change the color scheme, the style of furniture, the flooring or the wall coverings. If the big concern was dated decor, than why on earth are...
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    PHOTOS - Disney reveals new lobby design and Trader Sam's lounge for the Polynesian

    You could rip out just about anything else out of that lobby and most of us wouldn't make a peep. Go ahead, refurb those stairs, build a larger elevator, reconfigure the check in desks, change out the furniture, tear out the wood paneling, but for the love of all that is holy, LEAVE THE...
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    No more steam trains? (rumor)

    even my four year old can tell the difference between a steam whistle and a diesel horn. That whistle carries all across the Seven Seas Lagoon. The distinctive steam whistle and "chuffing" are those iconic sounds of Disney, I will be heartbroken if they disappear.
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    Wyland Galleries closing at Disney's Polynesian Resort

    I'm glad to hear that someone bought something there, it was such a neat store. I just find it sad that it can't be preserved, even though it wasn't a big money maker, just because it added some interesting ambiance to the Poly. I guess that is not the new Disney way, though.
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    Wyland Galleries closing at Disney's Polynesian Resort

    Are they closing it because no one ever bought anything there? I always viewed that place more as a "museum" than "gift shop". It was fun to walk around inside and look, but no way was I ever going to spend the equivalent of a second Disney vacation on a dolphin sculpture, which would go...
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    No fastpasses available today?

    Just like you, I'm not staying at a deluxe resort, I'm at home. I have an AP and I tested two weeks ago, so I still have access to FP+. I don't think it is tiering, I think it is apps not talking to the system properly. It is really bizarre that the iOS app is showing something different from...
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    No fastpasses available today?

    Can you pull up FP+ for TSMM tomorrow on your app? I'm getting availability for every hour of the day for tomorrow, I'm wondering if you are seeing the same thing.
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    No fastpasses available today?

    This is all very interesting, when I do two people on the website it will let me have Soarin' at 5:55-6:55, but it won't let me have Test Track at all. This doesn't make any sense, if there is room for three on Test Track, why isn't there room for two? And why is it letting me have Soarin' for...
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