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    Park Pass Question

    So basically, I made park reservations for the three people in my travel party 2-4 weeks ago, however one of my friends who was supposed to come with us backed out. I found someone else to fill his place and was able to re assign the unused ticket to the new person. However now even tho the...
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    “ Join Walk Up List” Dinning Feature

    Does this feature actually work currently? Has anyone been able to actually get a table at a popular restaurant using it in the last month? I assumed it would be turned off due to capacity restrictions and the restaurants would be limited to ADRs.
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    Park Hours for Easter Weekend

    Hello, As of right now I see the following hours online for Easter Weekend- MK: 9 AM-6 PM EP: 11 AM- 7 PM MGMST: 10 AM-7 PM AK: 9 AM-5PM Does anyone know if these are yet to be updated or will they remain this way thru the first weekend of April? Universal just updated there hours to show 8...
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