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  1. TimeTrip

    Epcot busy tonight (9/14)

    Showed up at 7:30pm. Had to park in Discover 23. This is the lines at the turnstyles at 7:50pm. Just about an hour to park close. ETA: close is 10pm.. so just over 2 hours to close.
  2. TimeTrip

    AP Simba magnets all gone at AK

    Just got here about an hour ago and the CMs noted that they're all gone. They won't come back and were "while available" or until Sept 5th. Sorry if this was posted elsewhere. I did a quick check on mobile but it's not the most effective way to search :-)
  3. TimeTrip

    Burst water pipe at Epcot? Looks like a new fountain...

    A new (temporary) fountain just outside Imagination.
  4. TimeTrip

    Real-World Example of NextGen like system (EpicMix)

    Hey all, Just took a trip out to Colorado for some skiing. Before the trip I had purchased the right to 4 days of skiing spread over 6 days. Before I flew out, I received a plastic RFID card. With this card came free access to "EpicMix". Basically, the lift attendants would scan the area...
  5. TimeTrip

    Still possible to "bookmark" or "subscribe" to forums?

    I used to "subscribe" to 2 or 3 forums before, and use the "User CP" as my primary entry point to the forums. It was quite nice since it showed a list of only the exact forums I cared about. Is this still possible?
  6. TimeTrip

    AMC 24 Downtown Disney to be a Dolby Atmos launch location

    http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/07/dolby-atmos-locations/ New sound tech for movies will launch in several theaters, and the AMC at DTD will be one of the ones to launch/use this tech. According to comments on the article it will be premiering with Brave.
  7. TimeTrip

    Driving on world drive around the east side of MK during Wishes...

    I was able to do this last night during the 10pm wishes. I was pretty surprised as I always thought that they closed World Drive between the Contemporary and Center Dr during the show even if it doesn't have perimeter fireworks. It was pretty neat to see the lights and smoke coming from the...
  8. TimeTrip

    Peace on Earth tag 2010 Feedback?

    Has anyone seen the tag this year? If so, is it scaled down like last year?
  9. TimeTrip

    Page numbers inaccurate?

    I've noticed that in longer threads, the quick links to "pages" of a thread aren't always accurate. For example.. from my login: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=497536&page=18 If I click on page 19, it brings me to page 18...
  10. TimeTrip

    Express/Epcot Monorails down today (10/18)?

    It looked like the express loop and Epcot monorail loops were down from at least when I arrived at 3:30pm until when I left at 7pm today. Anyone know what the reason may have been?
  11. TimeTrip

    More Universal Harry potter fodder: First Ever Harry Potter Theme Park Planned At Uni

  12. TimeTrip

    Disney themed Lynx Bus

    Saw a lynx bus today with a Disney overlay that said "Head For The Holidays". Talk about a bad choice of words. I wanted to get a pic but I wasn't quick enough :(
  13. TimeTrip

    Green Eggs and Ham

    Anyone know when/if it's going to re-open? It's my favorite quick theme park meal :(
  14. TimeTrip

    Monorail Tile Pictures

    It had been mentioned on another thread that monorail yellow had been tiled. Here are some quick pix: It did seem to have a grip and didn't appear that it would be slippery on a wet day.
  15. TimeTrip

    Now Snowing Nightly at Celebration

    I happened to be at Celebration at around 5pm today. We were on market street and saw a flyer about snow on Market Street. When we walked down market street, a guy was spraying fake snow (foam) on the street. Then at 6pm, they shot more fake snow (foam again) from the light poles all along...
  16. TimeTrip

    Tomorrowland Arcade gets PIU: Exceed 2

    For those of you into dancing arcade machines, the tomorrowland arcade has a nice new Pump It Up Exceed 2 over where panic park used to be :). The DDR disney rave machine was broken today, so I thought I wouldn't get a dance machine fix in. Lucky me there was the PIU machine just around the...
  17. TimeTrip

    Some short clips of the MK fireworks from tonight (July 3rd)

    http://disney.timetrip.net/unsorted/3rd If you still don't know or understand what perimeter fireworks are.. check out the last clip :) I lurv perimeter fireworks :)
  18. TimeTrip

    MK Memorial Day 5/30/05

    Not as crowded as i was expecting. @2:30 pm Stitch: 20 min Buzz: 30 min. Space Mtn: 55 min. @4:30pm Peter Pan: 35 min. IASW: 10 min. Haunted Mansion: 15 min. BTMR: 20 min. Splash Mountain: 60 min. Pirates: 10 min.
  19. TimeTrip

    Saw Magical Express Bus today.. no photos.. anyone have?

    So I was heading north on I-4 when a bus pulled in behind me. In the rear view i saw a mickey and "disney's magical express" written on it. It got off at the next exit, so i couldn't get my camera out. interesting color scheme.. almost smurf blue + cream. Anyone have pictures?
  20. TimeTrip

    New stage in Tomorrowland

    Just when you thought the stage had gone for good, they put another one back in there. This one is called the "Astro Stage". It looks about as permament as the old stage. Only real difference is that it faces towards the Indy Speedway instead of towards the Orbiter. Speaking of the orbiter...
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