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  1. slappy magoo

    Guess it's not of (dons sunglasses) Paramount importance. YYYYYYEEEEEAAAHHHHH!

    Thought this interesting. Looking at disneymovierewards and they finally started putting some of the Marvel movies up as rewards. But the displays to some of the movies, the ones originally produced by Paramount before Disney bought the rights (first two Iron Mans and Captain Americas...Captains...
  2. slappy magoo

    Why not Superman at WDW?

    OK first of all, I'm not serious. Tongue is in cheek, head is up butt, don't get excited or upset. I found on youtube a very crappy copy of a production of "It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman!" a campy musical that was on Broadway for a brief time in the 60s and was considered a...
  3. slappy magoo

    Sanaa Soups?

    Hey all, On our check in day at Kidani we might do lunch at Sanaa if we can arrive early enough. But since we have dinner reservations at Jiko, we don't want to gorge ourselves. I know my wife will want the Naan as well as an entree. I'm thinking I might be fine with an appetizer like the...
  4. slappy magoo

    Anyone know how the DHS super-early EMHs work?

    Hey there hi there ho there... Just wondering if anyone knows how the 7am EMH start time at DHS works? Do they line you up at the main entrance until 7? Or do they let you in for a rope drop at the end of Hollywood Blvd?
  5. slappy magoo

    Signature restaurants worth that extra credit

    Hey there hi there ho there... Looking at this thread https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/is-le-cellier-worth-it.946223/ Some people are saying essentially Le Cellier is good but not necessarily 2-credits-on-the-dining-plan good. And it made me think - out of all the 2 credit Signature...
  6. slappy magoo

    Consider that bullet dodged

    We originally planned to be at WDW starting mid-August, but after spending time on the touring plans website, seeing how much more busy they were predicting it would be during our dates, my wife and I agreed to push things back a week. This would allow us the latest possible trip while still...
  7. slappy magoo

    Dessert at Disney Springs

    Hey there hi there ho there... Since we're not on the dining plan next trip, when we go for dinner at Raglan Road, we might opt to get dessert somewhere else in Disney Springs. Not another sitdown restaurant, but maybe some place like Ghirardelli, Sprinkles, Vivoli... Or will we really regret...
  8. slappy magoo

    Changing ADR time at Sci-Fi...should I bother?

    Hey there hi there ho there... So right from the 180-day mark from check-in, the day I had planned for Hollywood Studios seemed to be fairly busy (as do most days during the trip). And Sci-Fi has been practically booked solid. I managed to get a 2:45 what-is-this-lunch?-dinner? ADR moved to a...
  9. slappy magoo

    What would you choose at Jiko?

    Both entrees seem to have the same sides - bobotie mac n' cheese, grilled Delta-asparagus, kachumbari, South African red wine sauce. I don't eat steak often outside of WDW. When I do I tend to get filet. I've never had Wagyu. Thoughts?
  10. slappy magoo

    Breakfast at DHS at 7am?

    Hey there hi there ho there, So when originally making DHS plans I booked a H&V breakfast at 8ish in the hopes of eating fast and being amongst the first in line for SDD at "rope drop." Then they switched hours to open at 8 with EMH at 7. Family and I decided to give it a go. Trouble is nothing...
  11. slappy magoo

    Don't know if this is a good omen or coincidence...

    Like a lot of you I've been trying to get in somewhat better shape in anticipation of the next trip. Hopefully unlike a lot of you, I really needed to get my butt in gear before the trip anyway, I got up to near 270 lbs. Been jogging and walking as much as possible to help, including every work...
  12. slappy magoo

    Deluxe Resorts - The First Taste Is Free Kid, But The Next Is Gonna Cost Ya

    Hey all, based on a discussion in another thread, I wanted to poll you and ask - for those who made a switch from Values/Mods/camping/offsite to Deluxe resorts, what made you take the plunge? Was it a logical reason (location, amenities) or a gut level reason (just something about THAT resort)...
  13. slappy magoo

    When you're that close...standby for Frozen at rope drop AFTER breakfast

    Hey there hi ho there... We have reservations for breakfast @ Akershus for 8:10. Of course kids want every Tier A Fastpass, so we have to be selective. Since we're right there, does it make sense to eat quickly and then get right on standby line for Frozen versus getting a FP so we can use that...
  14. slappy magoo

    Better "Tier 1" Epcot choice when you're already inside at open

    Hey there hi there ho there... We've got an 8:10 reservation @ Akershus on a day where Epcot opens at 9 and touringplans.com is predicting "Level 5" crowds at Epcot. Last time we went to Akershus (pre-park opening) was shortly after Frozen Ever After opened. We could only get Fastpass for...
  15. slappy magoo

    No more water delivery from Kingdom Strollers

    This seems weird...
  16. slappy magoo

    Kidani Village - Does "Community Hall" = Children's Activity Center?

    Hey there hi there ho there. Title more or less says it all. I read that as of August 1st, Kidani's "Children's Activity Center" will be closing permanently. I'm only assuming that is the DVC "Community Hall." Am I right? Or is there some Activity Center I didn't know about? Or is that the...
  17. slappy magoo

    Finally giving Auto Train another shot

    Hey there hi there ho there... So it's been nearly 10 years since we last tried Amtrak's Autotrain from Lorton VA to Sanford FL. Our little Slapperina was just an infant, we thought it might be an adventure. My wife Slappette really didn't like it, even with a private bedroom with bath. This was...
  18. slappy magoo

    "I'd rather stay at (insert Non-DVC resort here) than at (insert DVC resort here)"

    hey there hi there ho there. Question for the DVC members, but I suppose anyone can answer. I'm not the boss of you. Is there a non-DVC resort you like so much that you'd rather stay there than at certain DVC resorts? Or flip it, are there DVC resorts you dislike to much, you'd rather stay at...
  19. slappy magoo

    "Private Dining Available" at the pool(s)?

    Hey there hi there ho there, sorry I don't know this (as always, spoiler alert - I'm not very bright). We're doing a split stay later on this year, starting at Kidani Village. On arrival, we're probably going to just have lunch and then go poolside...or eat lunch WHILE poolside. The Maji Pool...
  20. slappy magoo

    Restaurants with peak/off-peak prices

    Hey there hi there ho there, sorry I don't know this. I know a lot of the pay-one-price restaurants at WDW - the buffets and character meals and dinner shows - have varying prices for peak times and off-peak times. But how much do they vary? Does each restaurant have just a peak price and an...
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