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  1. donsullivan

    Universal running TV ads with nobody wearing masks in parks

    I’m not sure if this is running nationally, or just locally here in Orlando but Universal is running newly produced TV ads with not a single person in the ads wearing a mask at any time. I know they are newly produced because they include the entrance sign for Velocicoaster which was just...
  2. donsullivan

    The Science of Forced Perspective at Disney Parks

    Some might find this video interesting. It does a very good job of explaining the details of how color and size are used in Disney Park design for forced perspective.
  3. donsullivan

    Is there a way to suppress the NHS updates?

    The shear number of updates being posted in this area right now is kind of out of control. When I click to see New Posts nearly all of the first 1-1/2 pages in the list are just NHS updates. It has overrun the forums
  4. donsullivan

    1,900 Sea World Employees laid off

    We're beginning to see the expected second wave of lay offs in the tourism industry. The industry experts are expecting many thousands throughout central FL as we head into October...
  5. donsullivan

    My Disney Experience on iOS14?

    Has anyone dared try this combination yet? MDE is notoriously delicate anyway and the early Developer Previews and beta releases tend to give MDE fits where it just crashes relentlessly. I've updated my iPad Pro since I'm okay if it's a little flaky here and there (although very few issues so...
  6. donsullivan

    Phone dropped in Seven Seas Lagoon retrieved and returned.

  7. donsullivan

    Looks like Disney has Ratatouille variation of banshees coming soon

    It looks like Disney has something new designed to mimic the ’wearable’ character experience of banshees and monkey lizards coming up for the opening of Ratatouille. https://zatznotfunny.com/2020-02/remote-control-ratatouille-remy/
  8. donsullivan

    Epcot New Years Global Countdown Fireworks Show?

    Has there been any word on whether we'll see the traditional Global Countdown NYE show at Epcot this year? With all the changes including no Holiday tag and the lack of any reference on the WDW website I grow concerned?
  9. donsullivan

    TSA restarting 'enhanced security screening' at MCO effective immediately.

    I came across an article in the Orlando Sentinel today about an immediate 'enhanced security screening' starting immediately at Orlando Airport. The article is reminding folks to get to the airport early and to expect long lines through the summer. TSA is recommending you arrive at the airport...
  10. donsullivan

    Whatever happened to the new CircleVision movie for China pavilion

    Has anyone heard anything more about this since D23 Expo last year when it was announced? It was reported to use new next-generation digital circlevision formats taking out the vertical bars between the cameras. But I have not heard a single word about it since the announcement. By now I figured...
  11. donsullivan

    2017 Theme Park Attendance Data

    The 2017 Numbers are out and I just updated the charts with an additional year of data. Walt Disney World (Theme Parks Only) Universal Orlando Resort (Theme Parks Only) Disneyland Resort Still working on updates so if you find an error in the data, please let me know and I'll make...
  12. donsullivan

    Disney Parks Annual Attendance History

    I've been accumulating attendance data on the Disney Parks and many others for a long time now and over the last few days, I finally closed a couple of data gaps on a few parks back into the 70's and 60's. Now that I was able to fill in those data gaps I thought I would share for those...
  13. donsullivan

    Give Kids The World Founder Henri Landwirth dead at 91

    A man who has done some amazing work for kids with health challenges around the world to experience Orlando Theme parks and other experiences has left us: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-henri-landwirth-obit-give-kids-the-world-20180417-story.html it's not directly a Disney story but...
  14. donsullivan

    2016 TEA Themed Entertainment Attendance Report

    I know this is an annual battle of whose facts we trust, and which ones are right or manipulated, but TEA just released their annual attendance report. I updated some charts I've been maintaining for many years with the latest data that I thought I'd share for discussion. As is my normal...
  15. donsullivan

    Tripod Protocol at DLP?

    I'm headed back to DLP in late May and was wondering if anyone has an perspective on tripod protocols at DLP. Are they similar WDW, where if you are being respectful of others around you there will not be an issue, or is it stricter than that? The last time I was there was '93 and carrying a...
  16. donsullivan

    Why am I seeing ads as a Premium Member

    Today I noticed ads being added to the bottom of photos on different pages. Some of them are photos I've posted to the site myself. I thought as a premium member, one of the benefits was no ads. It seems I'll want to change the way I'm posting photos if ads are being added to my photos. I...
  17. donsullivan

    Comcast/Universal has donated $1 Million to OneOrlando fund

    Reports have just come out that Comcast Universal has joined in to support the community with a $1 Million dollar donation to the OneOrlando Fund. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/os-comcast-universal-oneorlando-20160616-story.html...
  18. donsullivan

    Random questions for first time Tokyo Disney visitor

    I just booked my very first trip to Tokyo Disney Resort this fall and could not be more excited. I've already got my flights and hotel book (Hotel MiraCosta) but I'm having trouble with getting clear answers on a bunch of random questions. I'm hoping others here who have visited recently can...
  19. donsullivan

    DHS Security guard suggesting tripod ban might be coming

    I just had a security guard at DHS tell me that they are trying to decide if they are going to still allow tripods in the parks. He stated that it was a 'new policy'. I'm hoping he was just confused but curious if anyone else has seen or heard anything like this recently.
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