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  1. drcasey

    Dancing Minnie in old Poly lobby??

    This is SUPER random but here it goes! Does anyone remember a display in the old Polynesian lobby that had a hula dancing Minnie and fireworks? I remember going staying there with my dad in around 94-95 when I was young and I was mesmerized by this! According to him I just stood in front of it...
  2. drcasey

    Unexpected guest on trip...advice

    So I am supposed to be taking a trip with my mom the first two weeks of march, my only vacation this year. I am in medical school so this vacation is much needed after a demanding year of schoolwork. So this morning my mom informs me she invited my aunt along on the trip without asking me. Since...
  3. drcasey

    Favorite WDW music?

    So recently I've been listening to some wdw park/attraction/resort music like the space mountain queue music, Main Street music, etc. because I'm a nerd and the music makes me sooo happy! I'm trying to find more things to discover and listen to and just hear what other people like, so what are...
  4. drcasey

    I need some magic!

    Hello! This is my very first post here! I'm a transplant from another Disney forum and I had a terrible time there. I recently signed up and made less than 10 posts and got roasted on each one...for no reason! It seems people over there are only interested in starting fights and attacking other...
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