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  1. captainmoch

    Annual Pass Expiration Question!

    I have a Universal Studios Orlando annual pass that I got at around this time last year. I was thinking of going one final time before it expires, but I have a problem. On the pass, it lists the date and time "9/20/15 14:10". So what exactly does this date/time mean? Is it the expiration? The...
  2. captainmoch

    Disney's Hollywood Studios Expansion Speculation and Ideas

    I may have already started a thread for ideas and speculation about potential post-Avatar DAK expansions, so how about one for speculation of something coming much sooner, with the upcoming DHS expansion? While this might become irrelevant in a few days with potential D23 announcements, it'd be...
  3. captainmoch

    Animal Kingdom Expansion Ideas

    Avatar Land still won't be coming out for two years, but at this point we have a pretty good idea of what it will bring. An immersive area, Soarin-esque e-ticket, boat ride d-ticket, and misc dining and shopping areas. While that and the other new night entertainment do sound great, I do feel...
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