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  1. J

    POLL: What is your favorite park and most importantly, why?

    You think a theme park dedicated to cartoon characters is an adult resort? you think watching puppets sing children's songs while you float by on a boat is something targeted for adults? There is a Disney World for adults, its called Las Vegas and you can have alcohol anywhere you want in Vegas...
  2. J

    POLL: What is your favorite park and most importantly, why?

    Animal Kingdom - IMHO it has the most immersive themeing, it makes me feel like I am truly in a different world
  3. J

    FOP 6+ hour wait times

    45 min is my absolute max, and usually I won't wait more than 30. But I've done it all before and remember the post 9/11 and post "great recession" years when you could go and all the rides were walk ons.
  4. J

    Is Park Hopper Worth the Extra Cost?

    I find that with the lines these days no park is an all day park unless you are willing to spend 6 or more hours in lines.
  5. J

    Raising prices yet again!!!! enough is enough!

    looks like I left 2 days too early!
  6. J

    MK to Epcot Park Hopping

    This for sure, it is probably not the fastest but the monorail is the best experience you can have going from one park to the other.
  7. J

    Raising prices yet again!!!! enough is enough!

    My most recent visit was in late August, it was likely my last "long" visit. It was so much more crowded than in the past that it dramatically lowered the number of things we were able to do to the attractions for which we had fast passes. That meant that no park was more than a half day park...
  8. J

    WDW has lost much of its magic.

    I have been visiting for over three decades and although I am an evangelist for people taking a non-disney vacation once in awhile, the only substantial complaint I have about WDW is the crowds. Take away the crowds and I think everything else is great, its not perfect and I intend my trip this...
  9. J

    What makes Disney such an attractive vacation destination...

    2 simple reasons IMHO, it is easy and fun. Is it the most fun vacation I have had or would like to have? No, 100% no, not even close. Real world travel beats any Disney trip hands down for adventure, fun, "making memories" and experiencing life to its fullest. And if you are trading off the...
  10. J

    Vegan at Walt Disney World - Nov 2018

    I'd just try it at home when you are out a few bucks at the supermarket and not out 20 or more at WDW restaurant if you don't like it.
  11. J

    Vegan at Walt Disney World - Nov 2018

    Impossible burgers are great for folks who like meat but don't want to eat it or are unable to eat it. If you are a vegan/vegetarian who does not like meat, and in particular beef, then impossible burgers are not a good choice. At the very least buy one to cook at home before you order one at a...
  12. J

    Has anyone spent 2 weeks at WDW?

    I love WDW in 3-6 day doses, but life is short, vacation time and money are limited and there is so much else in the (real) world to see and do! 2 weeks at Disney would easily be a $10k+ trip. Also after 7 days I am am 100% done with crowds, standing in lines, and eating theme park food...
  13. J

    using passes prior to hotel reservation?

    yes its a package booked through disney's website, its a 6 day trip so 14 days would be fine. My oldest would be really excited to have a day at a waterpark without her little sister so I'm glad to know that this should work out!
  14. J

    using passes prior to hotel reservation?

    My searches are turning up some old threads but nothing recent. I am driving to WDW with my eldest and meeting my wife and young one who are taking the train. I have the park hopper plus option, if my eldest and I arrived a day or two before our hotel reservation could we use one of our...
  15. J

    Opinion: Toy Story Land's grand opening will be a disaster

    Along with 20k leagues it was my favorite ride as a kid, I rode the Disneyland version a couple years back as an adult and I while I liked it and am glad it is still around, it really made me aware of the power of nostalgia to make us view things in the past as better than they were. Admittedly...
  16. J

    Is this really a service dog?

    Emotional support animals, also known as ..... pets
  17. J

    summer hotel discount dates changed after being released

    Thats a good idea I'll call this afternoon. Its frustrating becuase they show up in the search but when you click the link to make the room selection it gives an error message that the deal was not found. If you go to the "special offers" page it also says for stays until august 1st now too.
  18. J

    summer hotel discount dates changed after being released

    its very frustrating, the discount prices still show up when you search but disappear when you click the link for the hotel. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that either it will reappear on Monday or be replaced with another deal like free dining
  19. J

    summer hotel discount dates changed after being released

    This is just me venting a bit, but on Thursday the summer room discount applied to stays in August and yesterday the discount was changed so that it did not apply to stays after August 1st. I've never seen disney change the terms of a discount after releasing it. Any idea what went down here? I...
  20. J

    So is anyone not going anymore? (I'm still a fan. lol)

    Get your diving certifications and go back :) Also NY is actually a decent pace for surfing no time like the present !
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