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  1. J

    using passes prior to hotel reservation?

    My searches are turning up some old threads but nothing recent. I am driving to WDW with my eldest and meeting my wife and young one who are taking the train. I have the park hopper plus option, if my eldest and I arrived a day or two before our hotel reservation could we use one of our...
  2. J

    summer hotel discount dates changed after being released

    This is just me venting a bit, but on Thursday the summer room discount applied to stays in August and yesterday the discount was changed so that it did not apply to stays after August 1st. I've never seen disney change the terms of a discount after releasing it. Any idea what went down here? I...
  3. J

    summer time water park crowds ?

    I have not been to one of the water parks in at least 20 years and want to visit both this August. What can I expect in terms of crowds? Crowd conversations tend to center on the main theme parks lately and have me nervous about water park crowds as well. I assume weekdays are better days for...
  4. J

    Water Parks in Xmas to NYE ?

    I have done some searching and have not found any answers so I am looking to your collective wisdom. I will be at WDW for a few days next summer but I will be traveling through the area on a trip the last week of December. I will not under and circumstances go to the theme parks that week but...
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