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    Happy Chanukah!

    Have a wonderful holiday however you choose to spell it!
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    Thanksgiving 11/19-11/26

    We have never been this time of year before. We includes Mom, my Hubby, and me. We stayed at POFQ. 11/19 - We arrived at our resort at 11:00 am after an early flight. We had done online check-in so we had our packet and were on the way to the room to unpack and change within a few minutes...
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    A Big Thank You!

    Our trip is finally here! We leave early tomorrow morning. Thanks everyone for the ideas and advice! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Finally at Single Digits!

    We go from 11/19-11/26. There are 3 adults: Hubby, Mom, and myself. We will be staying at POFQ. We have never stayed there and never been during this time of year. Thanksgiving Dinner will be at Trail's End Buffet and we have booked a CP package on 11/25 for dinner at Coral Reef and the 8:15...
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    Coral Reef for CP Package?

    I need opinions on Coral Reef. We are thinking of choosing there for the CP dinner package since my husband has food allergies and he liked the menu the best and on the day we are doing this we are only coming to EPCOT for dinner and the show so we will be passing through FW anyway to get to...
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    November 2011 Roll Call

    Anybody else going in November? We'll be there Thanksgiving Week.
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    My husband has a dairy allergy and we need ideas of resort restaurants that have traditional Thanksgiving food that either is all a la carte or a combo of a la carte and buffet for Thanksgiving Dinner. Please provide as much info as possible. Thanks!
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    November 2011 Roll Call

    We'll be there 11/19-11/26. Who else is going in November?
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    Thanksgiving Week at Disney

    We are considering a visit the week of Thanksgiving and were wondering if they have a lot of the Christmas parades,etc that week and also what the experience/atmosphere is like. Our previous trips have been early June. We don't have kids. Also, do some of the restaurants have a Thanksgiving...
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    We are in the process of possibly visiting Disney the week of Thanksgiving and I was wondering if anyone who has been to one of the parks can tell me if any of the restaurants have a Thanksgiving dinner of some kind. Thanks!:o
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