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  1. Goofy Kid

    Monsters University

    As I am sure most people already know pixar is coming out with the sequel to Monsters Inc., Monsters University. Do you think this is what Disney has been waiting for to expand the pixar section of Hollywood Studios?
  2. Goofy Kid

    Disney Luxury Community

    As some of you may know Disney is opening the "first-ever whole ownership of custom single-family homes at Walt Disney World® Resort". The community is called Golden Oak, and you'll probably need a couple golden bars to buy into it. The community is named after Walt's ranch which he purchased...
  3. Goofy Kid


  4. Goofy Kid

    What Is Disney World Missing

    Disney World was Walt's dream, and at least I feel that everyone who visits his park helps to keep his dream alive. Walt wanted Disney World to be a place were people could finally act as goofy and fun as they want to. The question that I present is, Do you think that there is anything missing...
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