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  1. HowAboutDisney

    Leap year 2020 any plans?

    Does anybody know if there’s anything going on for leap year? I was there 2012 at MK and stayed until about 5:00 a.m.
  2. HowAboutDisney

    Portillo’s coming to Disney springs?

    I heard from someone at Bubba Gump shrimp co (of all places) that Disney springs might be getting a Portillo’s hotdog restaurant.. the guy who told me went further and said that the location they’re looking at is next to the Circus.. anybody else hear anything? By the way Portillo’s is a...
  3. HowAboutDisney

    Seen an old Disneyland Toy Factory

    I was at the Volo museum today and seen this old original Disneyland Toy Factory machine! I got to make a goofy mold.. it was fun seeing a part of old Disneyland History and for a second pretend I was there in the 60s
  4. HowAboutDisney

    Spaceship earth rose gold?

    Anyone hear about Disney changing the color of spaceship earth to rose gold? Forgive me if this has already been shared
  5. HowAboutDisney

    I’m staying at POPS resort Any tips?

    staying at pops resort this Friday through Tuesday with my wife and 16 month old girl.. any tips? We already have the Halloween party tickets for Sunday. Am I missing anything else? Is there something else going on while I’m there? What room should I ask to be in? Thanks for any help..
  6. HowAboutDisney

    I want a Pinocchio ride in wdw

    I think they should put a Pinocchio ride in Epcot. My wife and I enjoyed it so much at DL and I think it would fit perfect in Italy. The park would only benefit from a classic Walt cartoon attraction.. What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading..
  7. HowAboutDisney

    The music of Pixar Live!

    Opening this summer May 26th...
  8. HowAboutDisney

    Pirates ride, where's the mermaids?

    Sorry if this has already been posted I couldn't find it anywhere, but what happened to the mermaids in the water? I was on pirates last night and noticed again no mermaids.. are they broken or done away with?
  9. HowAboutDisney

    Any zootopia meet and greets?

    Hello, Does anyone know if there are any zootopia meet and greets at any of the parks? Or any rumored attraction?
  10. HowAboutDisney

    just a thought.. Should Disney quest become Pizza planet?

    I know there has been talk of Disney quest leaving, but could it work as a revamped pizza planet? If they put a pizza planet truck in front, paint the building to look like pizza planet and put a really great pizza restaurant inside would it make you want to visit? All of this assuming that...
  11. HowAboutDisney

    Was removing the backlot tour a mistake?

    I've been going to Hollywood studios since 1994 And I've seen many things change, but I think the Decision to cut the backlot tour in half for the car stunt show was a mistake, in my opinion it removed the best part of the tour and hurt the park overall.. what are your thoughts?
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