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  1. J

    MDE App questions for Swan stay

    Hey we are looking to stay at Swan, in Nov and wondering about the MDE App. How do we setup the Magic Bands etc. We are booking direct thru Marriott (gotta use up those points). So if I understand correctly we cant get tickets via Swan and have to purchase them direct from the Disney website...
  2. J

    Harmonius Opening and MEH?

    Am I just being wrong headed about looking at the Harmonious announcement and already thinking its not as exciting as Illuminations? Its colorfull but I just dont get the excitement that I got for Illuminations. Yeah it was dated and such but I am just not sure about this replacement show...
  3. J

    Trip planning tool??

    Ok we are set to go June 1 to June 6, then we might be coming back again in Sept Oct. I cant remember the tool/website I used to plan with LOL. It let me make an outline to include park hopping for meals and fast passes so I could run it past everyone. Can someone point me to it? Getting old...
  4. J

    Star Wars Galactic Spectacular unavailable??

    Ok trying to plan our 1st week of June trip and it doesnt show times for this? I assume its just to far in advance its not going away is it?? Also it seems all the parks show very early closing hours? Is it just because its so far out we they havent updated the calendars yet?
  5. J

    Fireworks Desert Party at Tomorrowland

    Ok we did the old Wishes Desert party and we had done the Fastpass fireworks viewing (thats gone now correct?). Just wondering at the newer price is it worth it? Has much changed? My kids are 11 &13 now so they will be adult priced. Just curious what if anything had changed with it.
  6. J

    Ok settle an argument or lets start one LOL

    I have a friend who swears the best Fish and Chips is Ragland Road and another who says its Cookes of Dublin. I have eaten at Ragland Road and thought it was ok. Never tried Cookes myself but its one of the places I want to try. Whats the thoughts on this?
  7. J

    Port Orleans?? Riverside? French Quarter?

    Ok our plans got changed and my wife wants to try Port Orleans (recomended from a friend of hers). Whats the difference between them? I read you cant get breakfast at POR is that correct? How is the bus service, my wife hasnt stayed at a bus only Disney resort. I did before the wife and...
  8. J

    Fultons gone uhm Paddlefish??

    I loved Fulton's and was wondering does this rehab mean a whole new menu too? Has anyone heard?
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