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  1. bamboo7

    Looking for photos (or video) of classic Cast Member costumes

    Hello! I am working on a small project, and I am looking for photos of classic (old, now retired) Cast Member costumes, which I will use for reference. I am specifically looking for the Horizons and World of Motion costumes, but would be interested in any others as well. If you happen to...
  2. bamboo7

    Google Maps Street View Now Featuring Major WDW Roads

    The StreetView feature of Google Maps can now be used to virtually drive down some of the larger WDW roadways. Check it out, and post (in this thread) links to some of the cooler shots you see, by using the "Link To This Page" option in Google Maps. I'll start it off with: MK Auto Plaza...
  3. bamboo7

    Spaceship Earth Enhancement Concept Art

    I recently gained access to some concept art for the SSE rehab project. Keep in mind that this was created over 6 months ago, so there is always a chance that things could change a bit in the actual installation. CLICK HERE TO VIEW enjoy. - D...
  4. bamboo7

    Congratulations Popkid!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS To Popkid and the NEW Future Mrs. Popkid!!!!!! :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: Can you think of aything more magical than getting engaged at WDW?
  5. bamboo7

    WDW's Newest Park Announced!

    I am pleased to be able to be the first the break the news on the new theme park to be added to Walt Disney World. Construction is set to begin within a few days. And the name of the new park is slated to be.......... *drumroll please*...
  6. bamboo7

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey! I know it's been a long time since I have posted here on WDWMagic, because I have been VERY busy here in beautiful Orlando, so I just wanted to drop everyone a line to say "Hello"! Hope everyone is doing well! Take Care Keep in Touch! - Dan
  7. bamboo7

    Guess who was spotted wearing a red shirt on gay day.....

    Guess who was spotted wearing a red shirt on gay day..... Winnie the Pooh Minnie Mouse AND even Walt Himself had a red vest on. (im joking of course. All these characters always wear red in share a dream come true. take no offense).
  8. bamboo7

    Share a Dream Come True Changes

    Be on the lookout for some new changes to Share A Dream Come True, in the future.
  9. bamboo7

    Oh Boy, Mickey's Trip Report!

    Oh Gosh, I had such a fun weekend playing in some of my favorite places. Let me tell you about it. Well, uh, first I went to Disney's Animal Kingdom.
  10. bamboo7

    Happy Birthday Aim!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. bamboo7

    Disney Ghost Town

    I've sailed around this island, but have never stepped foot on it. it's pretty interesting. http://www.abaco.tv/disney-treasure-island.asp
  12. bamboo7

    Happy Birthday Tiggerbw!!!!

  13. bamboo7

    New CPs/New Hires

    So we've been talking for a while about who has been accepted for this terms CP, and who is moving down and everything, so now that everyone is starting to get settled in, where is everyone living and working?
  14. bamboo7

    Dinosaur: Help Me Settle An Argument.

    So please help me settle an arguement, and tell me what the differences are between Countdown to Extinction and Dinosaur (aside from the name). thanks.
  15. bamboo7

    Happy Birthday MKT!!!

    Happy Birthday Rob!!!! Don't celebrate too hard tonight!! (and make jason pay for your drinks)
  16. bamboo7

    Snow Day!

    So i was really hoping that i would have at least one good snowfall before i move to florida, and it would seem that today i am getting my wish. I still have to go to work, but since i work outdoors i won't be doing much at all, and i'll have a short day. :sohappy:
  17. bamboo7

    Thanksgiving Humor!

  18. bamboo7

    College Program Apartments - Vista Way

    Ok. Before I moved to WDW for my first college program, I was very curious about the apartments. I wanted to know how big they were, what they looked like, how big the closets were and all that, so I’d know how much to bring. and all that. So below, I am going to post some pictures of my...
  19. bamboo7

    Haunted Mansion Movie OST

    So I havent yet seen the full track list for the Haunted Mansion Movie soundtrack, and Ive even heard rumors that Danny Elfman might have done the main score (i hope so!), but i am kinda dissapointed to see that Nelly has a new song on it. I just saw the video for it, and I didnt really see how...
  20. bamboo7

    January 04' Roll Call!!

    So Who Is Going To Be In WDW This January?
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