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    Cirque's La Nouba Closing?

    Been a while since I've posted. We just returned form WDW where I heard from a non-employee that Cirque is closing this year. Not sure where this person got their information, but it did seem as though it might be true based on these two things...the last time we saw the show (1.5 years ago)...
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    Downtown Disney Bus Stops

    Planning a trip for late May. Does anyone know if the bus stop at DD nearest to Cirque du Soleil is still operational? If you were telling someone to meet you at the closest bus stop to Cirque, which one would you tell them to meet you at? Thanks for your help.
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    Doubting Avatar

    In so many posts that I read, there seems to be some question about the fruition of Avatar Land. There's lots of evidence to support this announced project, yet so many doubt it will come to be. Why is this?
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    pioneer hall and luau

    Does anyone here know the seating capacity of Pioneer Hall at Fort Wilderness and the luau at the Poly? I'm talking per show, not per evening. Thanks!
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    Sports Complex - Bowling

    Whatever happened to the plan to install the 100 lane bowling alley at the sports complex? Did that project get put on hold, or is it under construction? I have not heard anything about it in a long while.
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    Update you'll like

    We just got back home from a five day visit to WDW. Talked with several cast members (who do not know each other - some whom we know personally, others at first greeting) and got similar stories. Attendance seemed fairly normal, reservations normal at the resorts, too, and no one is talking...
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    Allegiant Airlines

    Has anyone here used Allegiant Airlines, and if so what was your experience? We are using them this Sunday to fly down to WDW for a few days. Can't complain about the low fares...just wondering about service and reliability?
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    What's the attendance like at the World these days? Has the uneasiness of the US economy played into the picture, or are people still visiting pretty much on par as this time last year? Other than the recent Entertainment layoffs (for whatever reason), have there been layoffs or low hiring for...
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    Any ideas why Lion King is in CMM?

    My family and I saw Festival of the Lion King not long after it opened in AKP. In fact I seem to remember that is was not an enclosed theater, though the structure that is there now provided roofing and a performance space. Does anyone know why they chose Camp Minnie-Mickey instead of Africa to...
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    Tusker House and Boma

    With the change of Tusker House from walk-up to buffet, I am wondering if anyone knows if the offerings at Tusker House are now similar those you find at Boma's at AK Lodge. We really enjoy Boma's, but getting there from another resort other than AKL or by taxi takes time and/or additional...
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    Remember Adventureland Veranda?

    Anyone know why this restaurant closed, and why Disney does not use the space as an eatery or another purpose? It was one of my favorite places to eat when it was open - liked the food and the atmosphere. Hate seeing it shuttered every time I pass by.
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    Soarin' at Epcot

    does anyone know if the WDW version of soarin' is a direct clone of the one at california adventure, or is it larger? i cannot imagine it being smaller.
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    cirque changes

    i had heard that cirque's "la nouba" was changing some of the acts in its show. anyone know if this has been done yet, and if so - what acts were deleted and/or added? not suree when they were going to do this.
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    new pirates themed restaurant

    it's just an idea. how about a pirates themed restaurant in adventureland? a small place with some type of entertainment on the half or quarter hour. a combination prime time diner and rainforest cafe...with bar maids and men as wait staff, pirates, AA birds and an ocassional rainstorm (or...
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    let's play scavenger hunt

    what trivia do you know about epcot that would be interesting finds for a group of high school seniors? on one of our days next month at the wdw, the sponsors of a senior trip will be holding a scavenger hunt of sorts for teams of students. the hunt will begin in future world and will end...
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    pop century

    anyone heard when the new pop century resort will open? thanks.
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