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    Heard a “rumor” Casey’s may be opening or it’s open. I hope it’s true.
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    Grand Floridian Walkway

    Is the walkway from The Grand Floridian to MK open?
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    Wolfgang Puck Express

    I know Wolfgang Puck Express has been closed, but I thought I read shortly after the announcement that it may be a temporary closure. Can anyone add info on this? We really enjoyed dining there. I know it didn’t seem busy most of the time. But it was away from a lot of the heavy traffic areas...
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    Casey’s re-opening?

    Has Casey’s Corner reopened yet? We were there in September and they were refurbishing it.
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    OKW to Disney Springs

    Are the boats still in operation from OKW to Disney Springs?
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    Electrical Water Pageant Parade

    Is the Electrical Water Pageant Parade still running?
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    Epcot Monorail

    Is the Monorail from TTC to Epcot still not running?
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    Magic Bands

    If this question has been asked previously, I apologize. Can you still use your Magic Band for purchases?
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    Fort Wilderness Golf Carts

    Are Golf Carts still available to rent at Fort Wilderness?
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    Laundry facilities

    Does someone know if the self service laundry facilities are still open at the resorts?
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    Epcot Monorail

    Is the Monorail from the TTC to Epcot running? Or is the only way to get to Epcot by bus?
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    Amenities at the Resort Hotels

    I heard they were going to remove the coffee makers from the rooms along with the glassware. Does someone know if the mini fridges are still in the room?
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    Monorail to Epcot

    Does anyone know if the Monorail is running to Epcot from TTC?
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    Switched from PORFQ to Contemporary

    Well I finally called today to inquire about our September reservations at French Quarter. The Cast member, Meadow, was super friendly and said she could switch it to CBR and that was basically our only option. We’re not big fans of that resort for several reasons, so I inquired about the...
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    French Quarter and Riverside

    Does anyone have an idea why they’re not opening The French Quarter or Riverside? These hotels were recently renovated so I don’t think that would be the reason.
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